Meet Wall Charmers™


At Wall Charmers™, it’s all about design and doing what we love! We first launched in a small Phoenix office as an Etsy store known as ‘Faux Taxidermy Loft’. We had found a chic way to combine stylish home decor with the beauty of nature. We knew we loved our product, but had no idea how many other people would love it too!

We quickly outgrew our small office and moved into a warehouse in Chandler, Arizona, thirty minutes east of Phoenix. With custom requests rolling in, we quickly launched new faux taxidermy designs and began offering more colors. We re-branded our collection of faux taxidermy as Wall Charmers™. It’s catchy and quirky and if there’s one word to describe our faux animal heads, it is definitely ‘charming’.

Our favorite thing is meeting and interacting with Wall Charmers™ fans. We have big plans to continue growing our collection of faux taxidermy. We are committed to continue bringing the latest home decor trends to the world. This is what makes us happy.

Wall Charmers (Previously Faux Taxidermy Loft)
1930 S Alma School Rd, C-209
Mesa, Arizona 85210