10 Decorative Wall Hooks with Tips to enhance your Home!

Wall hooks can be used for more than just coats! Decorative wall hooks are a great way to organize your space, which is needed in almost every home, but if you choose the right ones they can enhance your decor as well! Metal wall hooks are most used today due to their durability and their farmhouse style. Take a look at some of our faves! Maybe you'll find one that speaks to you!

1. Aged Gold Set of 3 Fleur de Lis Hooks

Made of cast iron for durability, hand painted and hand finished gold to add a POP of color to your space! Great for towels in the bathroom, jewelry in the bedroom, or jackets, scarves, etc in your entryway.

aged gold fleur de lis wall hooks
The beautiful aged gold color fits well on virtually any wall color, and many different design styles! From Traditional, Modern, and even Contemporary styles (if paired with the right decor) this set of 3 Fleur de Lis inspired wall hooks can be the perfect addition to your home..

2. Same Fleur de Lis style, with a POP of color!

In the right space, this bold blue can add the perfect POP to your home. It screams beach or lake house in style, with a touch of Paris country in the Fleur de lis style.

fleur de lis, 3 set hooks, blue wall hooks

 Great for teen room to help organize space! Also perfect for pool house to keep towels tidy.

3. And, you can't go wrong with rustic bronze!


3 set hooks, rustic bronze wall hooks


Also available in white.

4. His & Hers wall hooks are a great wedding or engagement gift!

Or keep them for yourself! It's OK... I get it. Who wouldn't want to keep these amazingly detailed metal wall hooks for themselves?!

bronze his hers hooks

These beauties are also available in aged gold, white, and black & white! Same gorgeous detail, same design, just different color options so you can choose the one that best suits your space. Designed to add style to any room in your home, made of cast iron metal for look as well as sturdiness to hold towels, jackets, purses, etc.

5. Nautical Wall Hooks for your Beach house (or any house with beachy decor)!

We have a few faves in this decor theme! After all, who doesn't want to be reminded of the beach on a daily basis?! These hooks will certainly do that and incorporate perfectly with your other nautical decor

Check out these seashell wall hooks!

seashell wall hooks

Design tip: Adding metal to your home is a great way to balance out your decor. If you have a lot of wood furniture and/or textured fabrics you might not think of adding in metal items, but, it actually works quite nicely as a balance. Especially if your decor style is rustic or farmhouse. Metal and wood are staples to any farmhouse decorated home!


6. Another great set of nautical wall hooks!

The perfect Beach Wall Decor for your home! Functional, yet stylish for any room that is in need of a touch of nautical, ocean fun! The unique design of this piece makes it perfect for many functional uses!

blue seahorse wall hooks

These turquoise blue patina metal hooks make quite a statement, don't they?

7. One more for you beach decor fans!

Nothing says nautical like an anchor, and this anchor wall hook set is just the thing to tie in your beach theme!

Rustic, bronze in color to match almost any color scheme, and made of cast iron for durability these hooks are function and style all rolled into one!

anchor wall hooks

OK, let's switch gears a little to finish up with some more traditional style wall hooks.


8. Cast Iron Swivel wall hooks are great for small spaces!

This set of 2 cast iron swivel hooks are the perfect addition to your entry way to reduce clutter, and also work well in the bathroom as towel or bathrobe hooks! Especially if it's a small half bath where there isn't a lot of wall space to hang multiple hooks. Each of the hooks can be moved and positioned individually.

These Incredibly detailed, hand brushed Cast Iron hooks are designed to be both functional and beautiful. The uses are endless! 


How about another decor tip? Wall Hooks aren't just for your entry way or bathroom - they can be a great asset in your laundry room to hang clothes to dry! Especially if your laundry room is compact. Another great use for wall hooks is as a jewelry organizer. There's nothing worse than having to untangle your favorite necklace as you're running late out the door. Wall Hooks keep them hanging nicely, within reach so you can grab and go!

9. Skeleton key wall hooks for a touch of gothic to your space!

Painted gold to add some color, these metal skeleton key wall hooks are a great addition to your space. Unique, and slightly gothic or medieval in nature, these hooks fit in with many decor styles, like traditional, modern, eclectic to name a few!

key hooks gold wall hooks

See what I mean? This teen bedroom accented with pink, black, and gold is far from gothic, but still looks amazing with this skeleton key wall hook to hang jewelry and scarves. It's the perfect compliment, don't you think?

And last, but certainly not least...

10. Fish Bones wall hooks are a unique idea!

Looking for a piece of home decor that's unique as well as functional? Fish bones wall hooks are just that! The perfect gift for your favorite fisherman, or for someone with a love of the great outdoors, this cast iron metal piece has 4 hooks to hang light items like keys, scarves, leashes, clothing, and more! Incredibly detailed, hand brushed, and made of cast iron metal for a beautiful, rustic, unique touch to your (or your loved one's) home decor.

fish bones wall hooks

And there you have it - 10 great wall hook ideas! Now... which to choose?! 🤔

Happy Decorating! 

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