10 Summer Decor Tips to add some Style to your Space

Does your home need some love? Some Summer Love? (see what I did there... 😂)

Adding a little summer vibe to your space doesn't have to break the bank! There are many small swaps and mods that can be made to give your home a summer face lift. Read on to find out more.

1. Add some texture to your living space

Bedroom, living room, family room, etc.. they could all use a little coziness, even in the summer. New, textured throws and pillows might be all you need to create an uplifted, cozy space for you and your family. And because it's summer.. choose summery colors, like blues and greens. Or stick with neutral colors like grays and black and white and add patterns into the mix.

Adding in some faux plants as well is always a great way to bring some nature indoors, especially in the summer months. Of course, you can opt for real plants, but if you don't have a green thumb (let's face it - not everyone does) faux is the way to go!

2. Swap out heavy drapes for lighter, sheer curtains

You may not want to do this in your bedroom for room darkening purposes. But letting some extra light in when it comes to your living room is a great idea to brighten up the place. Pastel colors are a great addition for summer. And of course, you can't go wrong with white!

Great wall clock right? What says summer more than a beach themed decor piece? Check it out here.

3. Faux Flowers (and plants) are a great summer accent

How amazing do these big faux sunflowers look in this kitchen?! Add in some faux plants as well for added greenery.

And if you're feelin' it - add a Frog Paper Towel Holder to your kitchen as well! (Can also be used as a toilet paper holder in the bathroom,) Whimsical, functional, and adorable!

4. Add some color to a wall or 2

It's not everyone's cup of tea, but repainting a wall or 2 is a quick and inexpensive way to give a room a facelift. Choose a light, airy color that lends itself well to summer as well as the seasons that follow. Also keep in mind that the color you choose should be one that you could easily incorporate your other seasonal decor into. Some great choices are earthier tones, like sage green, sky blue, even a muted peach - nothing too dramatic, but just enough to make a noticeable difference from your current palette.

This green color is very eye-cathing, don't you think? It's bright, earthy and airy - and if you love that faux longhorn skull, you'll love decor tip # 5. 😉

5. Nature inspired, faux taxidermy wall decor

Nothing says nature like faux taxidermy wall decor. Being some nature indoors with chic, animal-friendly, eco-friendly, eye-catching wall decor! From deer heads and skulls, to longhorn cow skulls, lions, elephants, and wolves - whatever your fancy, these faux wall mounts are sure to add a WOW factor to your decor.

faux carved longhorn

6. Upgrade or add wall hooks to your space

Wall hooks are a great way to organize your space. This summer, add a beachy feel to your home with some coastal inspired wall hooks by WallCharmers.

beach wall hooks

Hang them in your bathroom as towel hooks, or in your foyer for jackets, leashes, keys, etc.

7. Mirrors are a great addition in ANY season

Mirrors reflect light and therefore create the illusion of a more spacious room. Adding a mirror to your foyer, living room, or bedroom is a great idea in any season, not just summer! Choose the shape that best suits your style and wall space, and be sure to choose a frame that meshes with your current decor - Gold trim is definite fave!

round mirror

Mirrors add beauty to any space and the extra light they reflect will surely brighten it up!

8. Add in some Coastal, Beach themed decor pieces

I know I've mentioned beachy decor already, but there really are so many decor elements to choose from in this theme. For instance, this nautical anchor (below) is a great summer addition to any home. After all, when you think of summer, you think of beach / ocean vacations, am I right? Nothing screams beach more than nautical decor.

nautical wall decor

Choose a rustic or white anchor depending on your wall color. And finish it off with the beach clock we spoke of earlier.

9. Decorate with fruit

Yes, fruit! Fruit makes a great table or counter centerpiece. It adds a bright, fresh vibe to your space. You can use fresh fruits like lemons, oranges, pears, etc (choose your fruit depending on your color palette)... or opt for fake ones, it's your choice. Adding a bowl of fruit here and there is certainly not a new concept, but recently you might have noticed it more and more on social media, store displays or even in the homes of friends and family members. I love this idea for a few reasons - It definitely adds some liveliness to your space, but it's a super easy and affordable way to add some color. Oh, and it makes for a convenient grab and go snack option!

3 tier tray

10. Summer inspired wall art would look great in any home!

Maybe an ocean canvas, a flowery meadow, or even colorful abstract art is what you crave! Any one of these would be a great summery addition to your decor.


While some art pieces may be a bit costly, there are many inexpensive options to choose from. For instance, one large canvas might be out of budget, but 2 or 3 similar art pieces paired together would create the same look without the added price tag.

And there you have it! 10 great ways to welcome Summer into your home!

Happy Decorating!

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