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Wall Charmers Faux Taxidermy on ABC 15 Arizona!

Wall Charmers Faux Taxidermy was featured on the ABC 15 morning news! The feature can be seen here! The segment was titled "East Valley Startup turning heads with animal decor" talked about the business, love of animals, painting, where it all began, and more. It was a great clip, so be sure to check it out!

The story featured our White Faux Taxidermy and showed Lance painting one of our Large White Faux Deer Heads.

The story showed everything from our Faux Tiger Heads, to our Faux Lion Heads, our Faux Bear heads, with our Faux Moose Heads being an honorable mention!

Watch the story here:



Thanks for the feature ABC 15!

Be sure to shop some of our other popular items, like all of our Mini Faux Deer heads here, as well as ALL of our Faux Deer Heads here, and our most popular collection, our White Faux Taxidermy collection.

As always, please email us at or through our contact us page for a color you don't see on the website. We have more than 22 different colors and glitters of our Faux Animal Heads to choose from, and can even customize different colored teeth and head for the Faux Alligator such as a Lavender head and gold teeth.


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