The Master Po | Panda Bear Head | Faux Taxidermy | White + Black Resin

$110.00 $59.99

The Large faux taxidermy Panda Bear Head Wall Sculpture. Our Faux Panda Head is an ode to the popular Master Po, Kung Fu Panda! Our Panda features the classic furry Panda Bear look in multiple colors. The natural detail in this faux taxidermy Panda Bear Head Wall Mount piece will symbolize peace and unity in any room. The Panda bear is known as the "national treasure" of China and is a great way to decorate with nature in a chic way!

- Measurements are 13" tall x 11" wide x 8" deep.
- Weighs 6 lbs.

- Each of our faux taxidermy pieces are cast in fine lightweight resin making the sculpture fairly light in weight.

Hanging Instructions:
- Each piece is backed with a keyhole for easy wall mounting with a monkey hook, strong nail, or screw.

More information:
- Each faux taxidermy Panda Head wall mount is custom painted to order for a unique piece of wall hanging decor!
- Due to screen settings, the colors shown may vary slightly.