5 Crazy Facts About Antelope

But first a Joke - What did the lion call the antelope?
...Fast food! :-)

No more joking around, below are 5 Crazy Antelope Facts:

1) There are 91 different species of antelope! WOW!
2) Almost all antelope are social animals, living in herds.

3) Antelope have very well developed senses, which help them detect predators from long distances. This, coupled with their speed, gives them plenty of time to escape from even some of the fastest predators.

4) Antelope are smart! 🤓 They follow the rains to find tender grasses. They also often follow zebras because they eat the tougher, outer grass leaving the soft, tender grass for the antelope.

5) Antelopes vary in size and shape. Big antelopes, like the Eland, are 6 foot tall and can weigh up to 1450 pounds, while the small antelopes, like the Royal, are about 10 to 12 inches in height.

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