Faux Animal Skulls

Our Faux Animal Skull Wall Decor pieces go great in any living room, man cave, office, or as an accent piece to a gallery wall or collage of pictures. The natural detail in these pieces is stunning and a great way to bring nature into your home in a chic and animal-friendly way!
Picture it... a gorgeous faux skull hung above your fireplace mantel... or above your bed for a touch of rustic elegance your friends and family with envy! Our skulls are meticulously handcrafted to bring you as much detail as possible... almost like the real thing, but without harm to any beloved animals! What's great about them is that they can easily be incorporated in any style, whether it's a rustic farmhouse vibe you're going for, or as an accent to your mid-century modern, or even your traditionally styled home.
There are so many to choose from, we are sure you will find just the right Faux Animal Skull to complete the look you are going for in your home.
Each one is handcrafted, and made from environmentally friendly polyresin, so you can feel confident in your decision to charm your walls with one of our coveted Wall Charmers.
A fan favorite is the White + Gold Deer Skull, 21". And it's easy to see why! It's bright, brilliant, and incredibly well made. Created for the Deer lover with an eye for detail that's ready to replace the traditional European skull mount. Handcrafted and detail forward to make any room special, you might want two! it's the perfect starter piece for the animal lover that wants to go faux! The beautifully detailed creature is available in mini and large to perfectly fit within your space.
Another fave, for sure, is our White + Gold Longhorn Skull, 27.5". This beauty was designed to be as Texas and Southwestern as you (or as you want to be). Beautifully detailed and multi-colored to make any room POP. This piece is large enough to be a statement piece but still small enough to tie in a gallery wall. We can't wait to see what you do with it! And we hope you'll share your design pics with us! Tag us on social media or shoot us an email with your pics! We LOVE to see our friends creations come to life!
Both our Deer Skull and our Longhorn Skull are available in 2 sizes.. mini and large!
We have many other faux skulls to choose from! Turn your love for animals into a statement piece on your wall. We know you will LOVE it!
Oh, and be sure to check our Realistic Faux Human Skull too. He makes the perfect study buddy for your desk!
Not sure if Faux Animal Skull wall decor is right for you? Check out our Definitive Guide to Faux Taxidermy for some insight and great decor tips. It's sure to give you some tips that you can easily incorporate into your home, no matter your style.