Faux Lion Heads

Faux Lion Heads

We all know that the lion is predominantly associated with strength and bravery.  But here's something you may not already know... The fact that it is a nocturnal creature means that the lion is a symbol of authority and command over subconscious thought (night is an ancient symbol of the subconscious – or dream states). Pretty interesting, right? Well, even if you don't find that fun fact interesting, they are really cool, majestic animals! There's no argument there. So why wouldn't you want to hang one, or more, in your home? Lions have a masculine appeal that's balanced by their grace and regal elegance, and this combo adds a touch of unique and exotic flavor to your space.

Sometimes all it takes is one key accent piece to set the tone for a space. Adding in a Faux Lion Head creates a bold, whimsical, and fun statement piece for all to enjoy! This is especially fun in a nursery or kids playroom. What little kid doesn't love animals? Add 1, or 2, or 3 above your child's crib, or on the playroom wall. Add in some other fun animals to complete the look if you'd like!

Animal head decor isn't just for kids! If there’s one classic home decor that never really goes out of style, it’s animal-themed accessories. Whether you’re decorating a living room, den, dining room, foyer, or bedroom, there’s always space for at least one stylishly-placed animal-inspired piece. And while we know that there’s a fine balance between stylish and gaudy or flashy, keep in mind that it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Let's take the large lion head, for instance - on his own, he makes quite a statement. But, adding him among other decor accents to your foyer or gallery wall does nothing short of transform the space into an eye catching focal point, while also adding some much needed dimension.

Our Faux Lion Head wall mounts are meticulously handcrafted of eco-friendly poly-resin, so you can bring a touch of nature into your home in a chic and animal-friendly way, while also keeping the environment in mind. What's better than that?! It's a win/win! They are amazingly detailed to be the perfect addition to any room in your home. Available in 2 sizes, large (gold only) and mini (white and gold). So whether you need a large statement piece or one not so large, both sizes are designed to be a fierce statement piece for any room needing a bit of personality and a dimensional touch! They are perfect if you’re not much into the rustic look, but still love animal-themed decorating. With these gorgeous wall mounts. you can easily inject a bit of glam into your home. And, of course, you have to don't stop there! These pieces go great with plush or faux fur throws or pillows, maybe an animal print here and there... the skies the limit! So go ahead... Make it yours!!! It is your home, after all!