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Nobody wants to stare at a blank wall all day long. Wall art is such a crucial step in the decorating process. It’s a perfect way to add extra personality and really make the space you are decorating feel true to you.

There’s no set of rules on how to choose art for your home, so you have plenty of options at your fingertips. This is where you choose your own adventure! What’s the overall look you’re going for? How do you want your space to feel? What is your design style, Minimalist or Eclectic? Either one can work with any style of art and decor. You can create a dramatic gallery wall with unique painting and artwork or choose a  collection of more modern art prints and display them in a clean grid-like pattern. Once you start brainstorming, the rest is easy. From gallery walls to photography piece and other decor items, there are plenty of ideas here to spark your creativity and you will find them here!

Those empty walls are filled with possibilities—and a few additions to your decor can make a house feel like a home. So let's go through a few ideas here.

How about some large scale artwork? Consider a framed piece of photography, or a fun poster that can be framed and hung front and center above your mantle. Animal prints are always a welcomed addition to any room in you home. An oversized framed print or photograph will draw attention and set the tone in our space. Try a black-and-white photo, or a few, in a minimalist space or choose prints that are more fun and colorful, maybe an abstract piece, to a more eclectic space. If you have no defined style... just have fun with it!

Another fun idea - ever thought of decorating with wall stickers or decals?  Wall decals such as quotations and animal silhouettes to name a few, have hit the mainstream. They are a great way to add humor to your space, or make a major statement and lend a hint of drama to a room. Add a funny quote on your bathroom wall to show off your sense of humor, or something family themed to your family room or loving room. They are a great solution for if you're a commitment-phobe because they are removable. They are also perfect for spaces that are quickly outgrown like nurseries or kids' bedrooms and playrooms.

Decorative mirrors are also a great wall art decor idea! There are so many different styles to choose from and some even stick to your wall so there is no damage to your wall. From suns and moons, geometric shapes, hearts, feathers, butterflies, birds.. you name it!  Hint: These are great for kids spaces! They add a hint of personality and fun to your kids spaces! They will love them!

Whatever wall art you are looking for, you can't go wrong with which ever you choose. After all, it is your space and should represent your personality! So, have fun with it!

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