Hanging Wall Mirrors

Hanging wall mirrors

Hanging Wall Mirrors

Besides their practical use as an aid for personal grooming, strategically adding Hanging Wall Mirrors to your bathroom, bedroom, living room, or entryway will add life and dimension to areas that would otherwise be overlooked as far as style is concerned. Mirrors have the magical ability to make a room feel larger and brighter and can be used to visually expand the size of small rooms.

Because mirrors can make a narrow space look bigger than it is, one of the most popular rooms to decorate with mirrors is the entryway. Entryway mirrors welcome your guests and create the illusion of a larger space, while also helping to enhance the rest of your home.  And, of course, upon leaving the house, allows members of the household to give themselves one last check to ensure they look their best before going out into the world. Function and style all wrapped into one! How can you go wrong there?

If you are blessed to have an entryway that's large enough to be treated like a separate room, there are many ways for you to be creative here, especially with your Hanging Wall Mirrors. Group them on the wall with other artwork and wall decor to create a gallery wall that catches the eye as soon as you enter your home. You can even tie it all in with a pair of matching wall sconces.

Which shaped mirror is best? Well, that's a matter of style and opinion, but here are some thoughts. Square and rectangular mirrors are the most common shapes to use throughout your home. These shapes don’t limit your decorating ideas for  to only these shapes. You can add virtually any other shaped wall decor to surround your square or rectangular Hanging Wall Mirror seamlessly. In fact, it creates quite an eye-catching focal wall. Round mirrors can be used as a central focal point in any room and help to make spaces feel more relaxed and inviting. For a modern twist, decor ideas that incorporate different shapes or groupings of smaller mirrors will give your room a more youthful, eclectic, and energetic vibe.

When decorating with mirrors in your home, it’s crucial to keep the scale and theme of your decor in mind. The right mirror can tie the look of a room together, while adding light and the sense of spaciousness to your home. But the wrong mirror, either in size or style, can leave you feeling over, and even underwhelmed!

Our favorite Hanging Wall Mirror is, of course, the Wall Charmers 22" x 30" Gold framed Mirror.. no bias here :). Large enough to standalone and draw the eye, but small enough to add 2, side by side, for a clean, modern look. Timeless & sophisticated,  this mirror will enhance the beauty of your home, no doubt! Handcrafted & hand-curated to be an artistic design that’s both functional and stunning. Sophisticated & elegant with a floating glass large bathroom mirror. And because of its simple, yet beautifully detailed design, it will work with any decor theme.

Take a look! You'll definitely agree! Or choose whichever suits your style!

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