Re-Design your Home for under $1,000

re-Design your home for under 1000

You don't need to go over-the-top with your budget to decorate your home. Having a high-end looking home can be difficult on a budget, but with a little searching and planning, and the right elements you can achieve the look you've always dreamed of. From adding pillows to decorative accents to a fresh coat of paint to window treatments and hardwood floors, these are simple solutions you need to know about when decorating your home under a budget. Let's take a look at some ideas.

Wall Decor

Artwork is a great way to display your personality and taste. Your home should be adorned with elements that speak to you, of who you are as a person and can even spark up some conversations with your guests if you choose the right piece. With so many different styles and types of wall art to choose from, you are sure to find one that you love that also adds some vivacity to your home, and. with a little searching, at the right price so as not to break the bank!

Add some Canvas Wall Art to your space

Close your eyes and make a wish! Wish for a beautifully detailed, rustic wall accent that is as inspirational as it is rich and vibrant. Your wish is granted!
This gorgeous wall art is available in 5 different sizes so your sure to find the right size for your space and the right price for your budget.

Floating Wall Shelves

Another great, pocket friendly re-design idea is adding in some hanging wall shelves, like the hexagonal shaped wood shelves above. Geometric shapes are all the rage these days and the wood element adds a touch of rustic to this otherwise modern space. Take a look at some affordable floating wall shelves that might be just the right fit for your space.

These sleek, authentic Wood & Pipe Wall Shelves below will add a rustic, yet modern, feel to your bathroom, bedroom, living room, office or any room of your choosing! Even your coffee bar!

You choose the wood finish and size for a custom made solution that fits the bill perfectly.

These shelves are great for showcasing your most loved decor, photos, plants, trophies, use as a bookshelf and much more!

Floating Wall Shelves work great in any space, but if you have an alcove, or tucked in area (like the space below) adding custom sized shelves into that space is the perfect accent!

Rustic Wood Shelves Wood wall sign
Wood Wall Art

Equally as amazing, and cost conscious, is the rustic wood wall sign hung above. It's a great accent for your dining space. Don't you think? The best memories ARE made gathered around a table!

This one is another big fave! The Rustic Farmhouse Wood Welcome Sign. Hang it inside or out to welcome your guests to your home! It's a great Farmhouse addition to any home. Choose the size, color and wood for the perfect custom fit.

Welcome sign wood farmhouse

Spruce up your Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom for under $1,000 seems like a difficult venture, right? It doesn't have to be. That's not say that you can re-do your entire bathroom, but making a few simple changes can completely change the look of your bathroom and give it a much needed makeover, all while being cost conscious.

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way.

While re-tiling is likely out of the question, adding a fresh coat of paint is step 1. Choose your color based on the size of your bathroom. If it's teeny tiny you want to stay away from deep, warm colors and go for something more light and airy, like a pale blue, cream, sage green or even white! White may seem too clinical for some, but adding in the right decor accents and hardware offsets that feel.

So, take a look at some of these ideas.

bathroom decor

This bathroom is a bit on the small side, so the white wall color was the way to go here. Adding in blue towels, and a touch of green with a faux plant adds pops of color to offset the white. The gray painted cabinet pairs nicely as well. Navy blue would also have been a great accent color.

Bathroom Accents

Another great idea here is the round wall mirror. Round mirrors in a small space create a focal point as well as serving a purpose, we all need a mirror in our bathroom! Another possible choice would have been a mirror with a bit more color, like a Gold trimmed Round Mirror.

Gold trimmed round mirror

Changing out your bathroom mirror is a great way to revamp your bathroom on a budget. Take a look at some other Hanging Wall Mirror ideas! 

And check out this fun and functional tic tac toe storage shelf for your bathroom.

tic tac toe storage bathroom wood shelf

Replace your Vanity

There are so many options available here. If you are more of a minimalist, go for a new pedestal sink and ditch the vanity altogether. But if you need the storage space and prefer a more warm and cozy look, a new wood vanity, be it rustic or modern, would change enhance appearance of your bathroom quite inexpensively.

wood bathroom vanity

The deep natural wood tone creates a warmth and compliments the tile nicely. And don't you just love those copper faucets?! That's another idea as well...

Switch out your old faucets and hardware with something more chic, modern, rustic.. whatever vibe you're going for.

New Accent Furniture transforms any space!

Let's face it, you're likely not going to be able to get that gorgeous new sectional or living room set you've had your eye on unless you hit a great sale. Replacing or adding in a new accent chair is definitely within budget though. Consider adding an oversized, cozy accent chair to that bare corner of your room or swap out your old one for one in a bold accent color. Tip: Rattan or wicker chairs are an even cheaper alternative if your budget is super tight and your space has more of a boho chic or vibe.  Oversized accent chair redesign in under 1000

How about some new end tables or a new coffee or console table (or both) for your living or family room? This wicker chest/coffee table and wood console table are the perfect match for this space. Adds a nice, cottage feel - don't you think?

farmhouse cottage coffee table console table wicker chest




Tip: When re-designing your space take a look at what's trending for some additional ideas. For instance, peel and stick wallpaper. It's fashionable, functional, and an easy fix if you have no experience hanging wall paper. Best of all it won’t harm your walls and, in addition to being friendly on the old piggy bank, if you change your mind it's super easy to remove.

Perfect for kids rooms to easily swap out the old for the new as they grow!

Wallpaper bedroom deer head

Wall Stickers are also a low cost, super easy option.  From inspirational and funny quotes to shapes and designs and even mirrors, wall stickers are a great way to give any room a little facelift.

Create a Feature Wall with wood

Shiplap can also be a great way to update your walls. Depending on the size of the space you are re-desigining, you might be able to squeeze an entire room into your 1K budget, but for larger spaces, add a feature wall of shiplap! We all see Farmhouse styled homes more and more these days and nothing screams farmhouse louder than shiplap. It's super easy to install too!

Don't you just love this mudroom?

wood wall accent farmhouse cast iron wall hooks faux plants
The faux plants add a pop of nature and color and the cast iron wall hooks add to the farmhouse feel of this space.

You can even accent your ceiling with wood!

When adding a deep, dark grain wood to your ceiling you will to stick with a light wall color or wallpaper. Too much dark color can make your space look small so keep that in mind as you venture into this territory. If done right it looks amazing!

wood ceiling wall clock farmhouseBarn Doors are a true Farmhouse accent

While barn doors are characteristically country, they've become a trend in farmhouse as well as modern styled homes. Rustic barn doors have a vintage charm, while a more polished, finished wood look lends itself well to any modern or even traditional home. Aside from creating a focal point, barn doors are an easy way to add separation to bathrooms, closets, bedrooms ... any room in your home. And when paired with a shiplap wall.. .well... you be the judge...

barn doors shiplap wall rustic farmhouse metal wall decorHave fun with your decor as well! Like the Metal Farmhouse Stars on the wall in the picture above! Perfectly farmhouse, rustic but not too rustic, and they pair well with wood accents and furniture! Also great for outdoor use as well!

Wood Beams to add more Farmhouse to the mix

Exposed wood beams are an architectural element that make rooms appear to have higher ceilings or, they serve as a decorative element that adds rustic charm to your home.

With a $1,000 budget, now would be the time to add them to your decor. To save some money, you could opt to add faux beams to your space, where you cover existing beams with a more rustic wood, or, if you are sans beams... add them in! Choose real wood or you can go the true faux route and add in high-density polyurethane faux wood beams. Either way you will love the end result!

metal 3 tier tray farmhouse wood beams rustic

Add in some other farmhouse inspired decor as well, like the 3 tiered metal tray above.

Even if your home is not decorated with a rustic farmhouse theme, wood beams also compliment more modern and traditional spaces as well - just choose a more finished look, like in the picture below.

wood beams farmhouse modern

Another great idea to add some more rustic to your space is to add a rustic wood frame around your doorways!

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