About Us

deer skull

Our Goal

Since 2013, we’ve believed in creating timeless home decor. You know, the kind where you can pick out whatever you love, and it will work in any room.

Thoughtfully curated, pick a statement piece to instantly refresh & transform any room into that HGTV look and feel, or grab 1 or 3 accent pieces, all designed to look great by themselves or in groups to make any room a little more inspirational!


13 inch clock, anchor decor

Our Story

Over 7 years ago, we set out to share our love for animals & nature by creating beautiful Faux Taxidermy Animal Heads right here in Sunny Arizona. Ones that would be beautiful & detailed. The one statement piece you could add to any wall to instantly transform a space.

What we learned, was how complicated home decor was. With all the lines, and geometry; color & spacing.

But it doesn't have to be!

Since then, we've found our passion for home decor and fell in love with designing and creating that perfect piece. You know, the one that can fit into almost any room and instantly transform the space.

We're proud to introduce you to what we've created 🙏

We've learned a lot along the way!

fleur de lis hooks, jack

That it shouldn't cost you an arm & a leg to have an HGTV home.

That details matter.

That this sh*t still takes us way too long to design, mold, test, hand-finish, inspect, and carefully pack and box with love. ❤️

That a good pun never hurt anybody.

That it only takes one piece of decor to transform a room.

That decor you love is the best kind and is better with Wall Charmers. 💞