Mirrors aren't just designed to be functional or to add a decorative touch to your home. They're also the perfect solution for making a space feel brighter and larger. They are essentially decorative windows that you can use where ever you like.

Let's talk function for a minute because that's the most obvious reason to add one, or more, to your decor. A mirror hung in your entryway is customary because its a final pit stop to check your look before you run out the door. But that doesn't mean you need a boring one. They can be simple and subdued, or artful, ornate statement pieces. That choice is yours. The same goes for size! In most cases when it comes to mirrors, the bigger the better! When you go a little bit larger in your scale, it creates a more dramatic look, continues the line of vision and visually expands the space. Which is a definite plus for an entryway. It also provides more surface area for you to see your beautiful self in. So it's a win/win! And it doesn't have to be hung on the wall. An oversized, leaning mirror by the front door is always a favorite look!  Another must have location is the bathroom. To open up a small, cramped bathroom, definitely oversize! In this case bigger is best for sure. But try sure to size up, and not out. As a general rule, the width should not be wider than your vanity or it could end up looking out of place. But this is just a suggestion, you can certainly do as you wish. If there isn't a lot of wall space in your bathroom, smaller ones can be beautiful and striking. Add a pair or a trio, if it fits. That way you have more space to see yourself in and, if done right, looks amazing! This is especially helpful if you have to share the bathroom!

There are no specific rules when it comes to decorating. To achieve a personal, collected look, try to consider a room’s existing furnishings and decor. If your other decor is very square and angular, mix it up with some rounder styles. Circles and others with rounded edges are definitely a calming, eye-pleasing shape, but they can also balance out a room full of too many hard edges. They also throw light well and add a touch of glam to your room. But try not to hang them too high. This can make the room feel disconnected. When you hang it slightly lower, it creates a more intimate space. After all, it's the size of the mirror, not the height that it's hung at, that makes the room appear taller, which is the look that most are striving for.

Some other thoughts... Add some moon shaped mirrors to your teens room, a trendy sunburst, or some butterflies to create the perfect selfie space! Whatever style you're looking for, we are sure you will find it here! Happy Shopping!

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