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Faux Taxidermy - Bold. Chic. And oh so Charming........

Our Wall Charmers™ are more than just Faux Taxidermy Animal Heads. Each animal sculpture is custom made with love and meticulously hand painted to the finest detail in Chandler, Arizona. Our artists use only the highest quality of paints to ensure each animal head stands out as it would in nature. Our resin animal heads are only cast in eco-friendly poly-resin with the lowest environmental impact. Browse our large variety of animals ranging from our iconic Deer Head, the majestic Moose Head, the magical Unicorn, and many more. Choose from a large selection of standard white faux taxidermy heads or customize your head with 21 unique color options. We guarantee that you'll find the perfect statement piece for your Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Dorm Room, or Nursery.

wall mounted white faux dear head

White Faux Deer Heads

White Faux deer heads are an elegant mix of rustic and modern design. They are a also a great way to display deer and elk antlers in a more elegant and modern way. Not only are white faux animal heads elegant, they can also be hand painted to make your taxidermy unique and artistic. White faux taxidermy is becoming more popular as more people discover this amazing decor. Take a look at our large white faux taxidermy collection now!

Faux Deer Heads

Faux animal heads have found their way onto the walls of many homes in the US and Canada - and for good reason. Wall mounted faux taxidermy is elegant and unique - it makes a great centerpiece for any wall, and fits perfectly in any room of your home or business.  There are a variety of deer heads to choose from and many customization options available to make your faux deer head truly unique.

Once you have chosen your animal head, it is just a matter of choosing your colors and customizing your new faux animal head to your taste. Your faux taxidermy deer head will be unique and elegant in design. Something you will be proud to display.