12 Wall Hooks Decor Ideas to Complete your Look!

12 wall hook decor ideas to complete your look

From foyer to living room, bedrooms and bathrooms, virtually every room in your home demands storage and organization to keep it looking neat and tidy.  Wall hooks are a popular go-to to accomplish that in a stylish way. With so many different styles, finishes, and textures to choose from, you are sure to find the best one for your space! Whether you choose a fun and whimsical piece, or something more classic or vintage, wall hooks are the perfect way to combine fashion and function to complete your look... your way!

1. Wall Hooks are perfect for Small Spaces

When the size of the space is an obstacle, wall hooks are the way to go! When mounted to the wall, the hook takes up no floor space. All you need is a small amount of wall space and an eye catching decorative wall hook(s) and you're on your way to an organized space.

2 set wall hooks, decorative wall hooks, wall hooks in foyer, fleur de lis hooks
These Fleur de Lis inspired set of 3 wall hooks are an elegant and rustic touch to this space!

2. How about some Faux Antlers?

For all you animal lovers who are looking to bring some nature into your home in a chic and animal friendly way, these faux antler wall hooks are an Amazing addition to your space. Hang these in your bedroom, entry way, home office... the possibilities are endless! It's a great eye catching decor element, as well as a functional organization piece! A win-win!

White antler hooks wall rack

3. Need some Nautical accents?

Perfect for your beach home, lake home, or any home that needs a bit of a beach vibe. Nautical decor is seeing a surge in popularity for 2021, and with good reason. I mean, who doesn't like to be beside the seaside? Adding some Seashell wall hooks is a great way to organize a space while adding a beachy feel as well. Fun and Function combined!


Anchor wall hooks


4. His & Hers Hooks are a great wedding gift!

And also make quite a statement! Add a rustic touch to your bathroom or bedroom while helping your significant other stay organized. (Unfortunately, this may not stop them from leaving their towel or bathrobe on the bathroom floor, but at least your bathroom will look stylish!)


His hers wall hooks


These are also great for your mudroom too. Hang keys, hats, scarves and light jackets in style.

In addition to being practical and functional, wall hooks also have aesthetic importance, and it is pretty common to use decorative wall hooks as wall decor. If your intention is to turn the wall hanger into a decorative piece, it's important to be sure the style of the hook you choose matches the decor of the room you intend to hang it in. Wall hooks don't have to be used for decoration. Hang ornaments and other decor here to draw attention and create a focal point on your wall.

5. How about an octopus for your kids room or kids bathroom?

Cute, fun and functional - what's not to love about these whimsical wall hooks? They add a great focus to your kids space while also serving a purpose. Painted gold to match many color schemes, this adorable piece is made of cast iron for sturdiness and is easily mounted.


Octopus wall hooks


6. Fish Bones Wall Hooks for your fisherman friend

These fish bones wall hooks are amazingly detailed and are certainly a statement piece for your home. They have gotten rave reviews! And it's easy to see why. It's not something you see everyday so is sure to draw attention from your guests, and, without question adds style to any lake home, man cave, or den. With 4 hooks to hang light items like keys, scarves, leashes, clothing, and more these incredibly detailed, hand brushed, cast iron metal wall hooks add a unique, rustic touch to any home.


Fish Bones Wall hooks


7. Wall hooks as towel racks in your bathroom

Beautiful bathroom decor isn't just about colors and finishes. Although these make a big difference in the overall look of your space, you can't forget about the decorative details that tie it all together. Towel racks can be boring, with very few designs to choose from. So why not use wall hooks in your bathroom instead? Wall Hooks keep a low profile because of their practical function, but they don't have to. A little creativity can help you use hooks as more than just functional features - they can be part of the decor too.


Seashell wall hooks


8. Nix the freestanding coat rack and use Wall Hooks

Coat racks are smart storage ideas to keep things tidy, but, let's face it, coat racks have been known to tip over and damage your flooring and also take up floor space. Consider using wall hooks instead, especially in small spaces. Creative wall hooks and racks are every bit as functional as their freestanding counterpart, but are more practical and tend to be more decorative and inexpensive.


3 set hooks coat racks
These Paris inspired Fleur de Lis Hooks are the perfect addition!


9. Wall Hooks in the laundry room are a must!

No one likes to do laundry (well, I don't know anyone... but if you do, even better!) especially if your laundry room isn't equipped with all the things that make doing laundry easier. Wall hooks are actually one of those essentials. They are perfect for hanging clothes that can't/shouldn't go in the dryer, or after ironing.


Seashell hooks laundry room


10. Wood or Metal?

That's really a personal choice. It all depends on your taste and the aesthetic of your home. Both can work whether your going for a rustic or traditional look. Just be sure to choose the right finish to match your look. Can't decide? How about both?

metal wood wall hooks

This rustic wood and metal "Welcome" wall hooks are inviting, farmhouse inspired and the perfect touch for any home.
*Available at Kirklands.com

11. Whats more FUN than Starfish wall hooks!

These are perfect for any beachy bathroom. They add fun to your space and are the perfect towel hooks. Hang them side by side or stagger them a bit. The choice is yours.


starfish wall hooks


12. Think Ahead

Be sure to consider what you will be hanging on your wall hooks before deciding on the best hooks for your purpose. While some gorgeous Faux Antler Hooks will work great for lightweight items like jewelry, scarves, hats and leashes, their delicate nature would not make them suitable for hanging kids backpacks or heavy winter coats. Heavier items require more sturdy, durable hooks made of wood or metal. Also, be sure to mount them to the wall securely enough to hold whatever you hang on them.

And there you have it... 12 Wall Decor Ideas to complete your look!

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