Decorating with Accents - Our Top 10 Must Haves!

Decorating with Accents

Time to change things up a bit? No problem! Changing up your look can be as simple as switching out some old, perhaps boring, or just seasonal accents. Sometimes little things mean a lot! Often times it's a smaller, unique decor accent that packs a powerful punch and grabs your attention! A well-placed plant, whether faux or real, a special piece of metal art,  or an interesting vase can make all the difference. Take a look at some of our Top 10 faves and see for yourself! Try to envision them in your home. I'm sure any one... or more... can find the perfect home in your space! Let's get started...

Updated: Jan. 30, 2021

1. Bronze 3-Set Arrows, 15"

The Rustic Bronze 3-Set Arrows Native American Decor are designed for the basic girl in all of us. Metal Arrow Wall Decor to finish off that gallery wall, to add some arrow wall art to a boring room, or to help decorate any wall! The perfect Rustic, Farmhouse style decor to make any room or gallery wall POP! Also available in gold to match virtually any color scheme!

3 set bronze arrows
2. Key Mailbox Holder, 15.8"

Stay organized and in style with this rustic wood mailbox, key holder. It even features a chalkboard so you can write notes to your family! Everything you need in one place... with a rustic farmhouse touch! It's a win/win!

mailbox holder

Great for your home office, kitchen, or entry way! The perfect place to hang your keys and dog leash.

What's great about decor accents like these is that they lend themselves to the ability to incorporate well with other softer, more feminine type decor. Like, for example, faux fur throw pillows and throws. Metal decor is the perfect accent here! And adding just a touch of metal into your decor can take your look in a whole other direction. While decor like pillows and throws can soften your overall appearance creating a warmth to your space, metal decor adds just a touch of an "edge" to create more of a balance for all to enjoy!

3. Cast Iron Arrow Bookends, 7"

This is one of my favorites! Such amazing detail! And made of cast iron so it's sturdy, functional, as well as beautiful!  Add style and personality to your home library or any room while firmly holding together your favorite book collection.

Arrow bookends

These arrow bookends work in any decor theme, from rustic farmhouse to more modern decor, for a seamless transition into your space. Hand made and hand painted for the perfect touch!

4. Farmhouse Style Flowers and Plants Can with Handle, 12.5"

Need something rustic and "farmhouse" to display some flowers in rustic style? This Farmhouse Flower Can is just perfect! Fill it with dried flowers, or real ones... or a plant that needs a unique planter. But, it doesn't need any filler if you just want a simple farmhouse touch in your home. It's eye catching on its own.

Farmhouse Flower can

5. 3 Tier Galvanized Round Metal Tray, 18"

Perfect for parties, as well as day to day to display fruit or pastries! The metal design pairs nicely with any farmhouse, cottage theme. And it's made of galvanized metal for durability and style!

3 tier galvanized metal serving tray

This piece would look wonderful as a table centerpiece in any home and it's great for both indoor and outdoor use! It's the perfect addition to your holiday table, as well as for parties or everyday use!          

Galvanized decor is certainly more Farmhouse than other cast iron decor accents so likely won't incorporate well in, say, a contemporary, art deco, or victorian styled home. But they certainly are a staple for those whose style is more traditional, cottage, or farmhouse. They even work well with more industrial themed spaces. The trick here is to add in other accents that are more traditional to your theme. For example, for the flower can above, switching out the plants or flowers inside can change your look entirely! Give it a try! You'll see what I mean.

6. Giraffe Gold Paper Towel Holder, 17.5"

If your looking to add some whimsy to your home decor, take a look at this Adorable and Functional Giraffe Paper Towel Holder. Also serves as a toilet paper holder for your extra rolls of toilet paper.

Giraffe paper towel holder

It's great for kids bathroom or any kitchen or bathroom if your a Giraffe lover! Made of cast iron for durability and hand painted gold to POP! Not into giraffes? Also available in the form of a dog, cat, frog, or dinosaur! There's something for every animal lover!

paper towel holders toilet paper holderes   

7. Rustic Bronze or Gold Skeleton Key

Add a touch of gothic/medieval decor to your home! 

Skeleton key wall decor

The trademark of Old World/Gothic design is a comfortable, broken-in look that shows the wear and tear of use. Think textured walls, dark wood, and iron decor accents. With this style, you don't want high gloss, polished metals but, rather, more distressed or matte and honed finishes. This old world/gothic style cast iron rustic (or gold) skeleton key keeps this in mind, and with it's amazing detail it's the perfect wall accent for your gallery wall! With 2 hooks on the back, it can be hung in any direction, making it perfect for any wall, in any room!

Bronze Skeleton key

8. Cast Iron Logan Dinner Bell, 6"

A snippet of history on this one: Dinner Bells date back to the beginning of the twentieth century where a farm bell ringing at noon would signify meal time. The sturdy metal bell was often mounted on a post, just outside of the kitchen door.

With that said, it stands to reason that with the recent boom in Farmhouse style decor, this little guy would make a come-back! And it certainly has!

Logan dinner bell

Family is everything wall sign

How about that "Family is Everthing" sign?

What a great Farmhouse statement piece to add with your Logan Dinner Bell!

Celebrate the beauty of family with this sign proudly displayed on your wall. Perfect for the living room, dining room or kitchen. 

This inspirational art makes a great housewarming, anniversary or family gift and is available in 7 sizes to fit your space perfectly!        

9. Boston Fern Artificial Plant in Gray Planter, 2.5’

Adding foliage to your interior is a great way to bring nature indoors. But, let's face it... not all of us have a green thumb. So why not introduce some faux foliage to your space. But make sure it looks real! Like this Faux Boston Fern.

Boston fern faux plant

Standing at 51" with the planter and stand, it's perfect for that lonely corner in your home that needs a little something! 

Boston Fern in gray planter

If you're not a fan of the metal stand.. check this one out!

Same gorgeous Faux Boston Fern in a gray planter to match virtually any color scheme! It's a must have for any fern lover!

This beauty stands 2.5' tall for the perfect accent to fill a blank space in your home no matter your decor style!

Take a look at some more Faux Plants to accent your space!

10. Rustic Navy Anchor Wall Decor, 16"

A nautical fan fave! An unending symbol of sailing and everything beachy, anchor decor is a must-have accent for every maritime-inspired home. You'd be hard-pressed to find something more distinctly nautical than the anchor.

Rustic wall anchor

White anchor wall decor

This amazingly detailed cast iron wall anchor is also available in white. So if you love the nautical anchor look but aren't a huge fan of rustic metal and want something a bit cleaner looking, this is the perfect option!

Same nautical, "beachy" vibe... to perfectly accent your space! 

Complete the look with a Beach themed wall clock and maybe even a beach sign!
*Sign above available on Etsy.         

And here you have it! Our top 10... with a few more as well! After all, our task here was to get you to see that even the simplest accent decor changes can make a world of difference. What did you think of our picks? Did we inspire you? I sure hope so!


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