Cow Skulls

Cow Skulls

Cow Skulls

Introducing our collection of Faux & Real Cow Skulls. 

Each Cow Skull is marked if it's faux or real - both come with the same high quality & are handmade like you've come to expect from Wall Charmers.

Why Cow Skulls you ask? That's easy... they are symbolic of life-long protection, courage, agility, and toughness. So why wouldn't you want to proudly display one (or more) in your home?!

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Here's some history for you... Animal skulls, specifically the cow, have been used as decoration for hundreds of years as a symbol and spirit of the old west. Christopher Columbus sailed to Mexico with a boatload of Spanish cattle. Since early tribes have always believed that no part of an animal should go to waste, this is where using them for decoration came from. These tribes would carve and paint cattle horns to decorate their spaces and we have kept this tradition. 

All of our Faux Cow Skulls are animal friendly & all of our real Cow Skulls are hand carved in Bali from local tribes, right where the tradition began.

Want to add a touch of Southwestern style to your home? Showcasing the beauty of desert landscapes and embodying the heart and soul of the great American Southwest, this sought after style is warm, vibrant, and, of course, fun, with a touch of rustic charm. It can easily be accomplished with the right skull accents. After all, few things scream Southwest louder than cow skulls. Made of eco-friendly polyresin, our faux skulls are the perfect way to bring some of the rugged Southwest into your home. But you don't need to go all Southwestern to enjoy them! When added to a traditionally styled home, or a modern home, it adds just a touch of unique style to create the perfect space for your family to enjoy!

Our Cow Skulls are incredibly detailed and perfect for any room in your home, and small spaces lacking some nature or dimension. Adding one (or more, no need to limit yourself with these beauties) to your gallery wall adds great dimension and creates a focal point for all to admire! The only issue we see is choosing which one to welcome into your home!

One of our carved skulls hung in your living room or your office gives the room a hint of that western boho vibe. They feature a tribal-like detail that is simply amazing! So if you are looking for extra creativity, our carved longhorn or carved steer skull (and coming soon, carved deer skull) is the right choice for you! Fun Tip: show your own creativity by adding some fake flowers to the skull, or even add a frame around it. It helps to showcase the skull and provide even more focus, not that it needs it, but we've seen it done and it looks amazing! For a simpler, more classic style, but still an eye catching piece that will leave your house guests in awe, our longhorn skulls are the perfect fit! The natural details in these skulls are incredible! And the gold horns contrasting with the white skull is the perfect addition to almost every decor style! Our Longhorn skulls are available in 2 sizes, mini and large, so you can choose the size that best suits your space.

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