Decorating with Real Cow Skulls - Our 5 Faves!

Decorating with Real Cow Skulls - Our 5 Faves!

Here's something NEW for you! You wouldn't normally think of introducing a real animal skull into your home as a decor item, right? But by the end of this blog, you might just change your thoughts on this growing new trend. At least that's my goal!

Last Updated: August 25, 2020

Why Real Cow Skulls?

I'm glad you asked. Most people might turn the other way at this thought, but if you look at it as a recycled item (it truly is) it makes you think twice, right?

These gorgeous bad boys are made from ethically sourced real cow skulls. No animal was harmed in the making of any of these skulls. Promise! These skulls are all about authenticity and upholding traditions while giving you intricately hand carved, amazingly detailed, breath-taking decor for your home! 

Here's a little history...

The creation of art from animal skulls supports the ancient Balinese beliefs and traditions that no part of these sacred animals should go to waste but, rather, we should cherish every single thing. 

These handcrafted carved skulls are a reminder to all that no one should take anything for granted, ever! Isn't that a great rule to live by?

And don't they look AMAZING?

Real Tribal Carved Cow Skull

Let's take a look at some of our faves! And we'll throw in some visuals and decor tips for you as well to help you achieve the perfect look!

1. The Real Tribal Carved Cow Skull 

This one (displayed above) might very well be my absolute favorite because it fits in so well with so many other decor accents. The Real Tribal Carved Cow Skull is hand carved with soft tribal patterns and is a gorgeous work of art. The symmetrical curves are a smooth transition between the rustic features and the feminine detail.

It's masculine enough for a "man cave" but also delicate enough to add to an elegant bedroom or living room. If you look at it, the skull’s face design resembles a delicate lace, doesn't it? And the pure white color of the skull paired with the lace detail makes it a perfect addition for a bohemian or western style space. To add to the bohemian flair, add in a jute area rug. And check out that amazing wicker chair! It compliments nicely, right? Or maybe add a chair like this?

The Tribal Skull can be easily hung amongst other artistic work or as a solo centerpiece. It is certainly big enough to stand on its own at 22.5 inches wide! It's massive... and absolutely gorgeous! And if you think that someone spent days hand carving this it makes it that much more impressive, doesn't it?

2. The Real Antique Sun Carved Cow Skull

The real Antique Sun cow skullWOW, Right? 

Life, influence, and strength are all beautifully represented in this carved piece of art! The sun plays a huge part in the overall design and meaning behind this skull, and, like the others we are showing you here, it is hand carved by a Balinese artist. As you know, the sun represents energy, will, and self, which is why this is such a perfect piece to display in your home! And the sword-like design down the middle of the skull brings power, protection, and courage.

This Antique Sun skull looks great paired with more delicate pieces, like a spray of fake flowers in a vase (above). There's no need to overdo it with accents with this one. Less is more here, I think.

Antique Sun Real Cow Skull

This skull is one that will truly spark interest in all who see it. And the color is the perfect compliment to dark and light colored walls alike. 

tribal carved cow skullantique sun real carved cow skull

3. The Real Black Boho Carved Cow Skull

This handcrafted cow skull is truly unique in every way. Symmetrically decorated with swirls and an inverted heart meant to represent emotion, this one is an interesting statement piece for sure!

Black boho real cow skull

Here the Black Boho Carved Cow is truly the focal point in this simple bedroom. With neutral colors, white comforter, and modern wood nightstand, the skull is the star!

black boho carved real cow skull detail

What's great about this skull is that the more closely you admire it, the more details you will see in it! Like a great piece of art... you see something new each time you look at it! The carvings are exquisite, to say the least!

Wouldn't you agree? It's amazing that skilled artisans can turn a cow skull into this (left)! What a beautiful accent piece!

And if you want to look really cool with your new skull... throw in a guitar, too! :) Who knows, you might even be motivated to learn how to play! 

4. The Real Enlightened Lotus Carved Cow Skull

This skull is truly "enlightened", adorned with turquoise gemstones in addition to the intricate carvings... absolutely mesmerizing!

enlightened lotus carved cow skull

The turquoise gemstones add a pop of color to your wall and draw the eye, without question. But the true beauty in this piece are the countless handmade details like the all-over carvings that form floral motifs and tribal ornaments that sweeten the look, without overpowering it.

It's a beauty!

black boho carved cow skullenlightened lotus carved cow skull

And now.... the pièce de résistance.... (Just kidding... they are all amazing!) 

5. The Real Heart Carved Cow Skull

Despite this carved cow skull’s tough exterior with its pointed horns and rugged structure, the meticulously hand carved heart design adds a feminine touch to an otherwise strong piece of art. The design is so beautiful and delicate you can't help but stare in awe at all the intricacies here!

heart carved cow sull

Because of this carved cow skull’s unique interwoven patterns, you could see 2 visible designs; merging hearts or battling snakes. 

heart carved cow skull

heart carved real cow skull

Whichever you prefer to see in your home, or office, there is no doubting the intricacy and attention to detail in this piece.

So there you have it!

Here at WallCharmers we are all about unique decor finds... and these NEW Real Cow Skulls are certainly unique! 


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