5 Must have Wall Clocks and how to make them SHINE!

5 must have wall clocks

Decorating your home is not always easy... and there are so many different design styles and accents we can discuss. But for right now, let's focus on the wall decor that combines both function and style to add the perfect touch to your home!  

Last Updated: August 18, 2020

Wall Clocks

When faced with a blank wall, you might not instinctively think... Hmmmm, let me add a clock here. But it might make all the difference. Wall clocks are easily one the most sought after pieces of decor these days. And it's easy to see why! Besides their functionality for keeping us on time for appointments and a night out on the town with friends (and work too, of course), the right one can make quite a statement on your wall!  Choosing the right timepiece transforms your space regardless of your decor style. After all, it’s not the time that will draw your eye, it’s the gorgeous design. A beautiful clock can hold its own in virtually any room in your home and compliments nicely with other decorative pieces.

With that in mind, let's get started....


1. 24" Rustic Wall Clock

24 inch rustic wall clock

At 24 inches round, this gorgeous wall clock is the perfect rustic accent. This handmade clock by yours truly, WallCharmers, without a doubt combines style and function! It's made of reclaimed cedar wood (yes, wood... not MDF. The Real Thing!) and incredibly detailed for a truly 3-dimensional rustic decor piece that is perfect for any room in your home! This timeless piece fits great with any decor style! It's rustic wood and metal gives off a rustic farmhouse vibe, but paired with other more modern elements, it can absolutely transform into a more modern piece. 

24 inch rustic wood clock

A well placed oversized wall clock is may just be that to add that one item in a room that makes it pop! It's a staple item, yet its style may be unexpected.

You can also use a wall clock to add some much needed color or to add a bit of whimsy to a room, like our next beauty....

2. 18" Beach Wall Clock

This coastal wall clock by Wall Charmers is designed to fit perfectly alongside your family photos on your gallery wall! Or... This handcrafted beauty can certainly hold its own... so hang it as a centerpiece on any blank wall! It is sure to draw attention!

18 inch beach wall clock

Hand made and amazingly detailed, this beachy feel clock features distressed paint effects (yes, paint, not a deal) in the most amazing colors to add a nautical feel to your space. Not into the beach look? That's OK... It also works well in more modern spaces, too!

18 inch beach wall clock

Do you see what I mean? The right accents make all the difference! In the first photo, the rustic wood table with wicker baskets add to the nautical feel. But in this more simple, modern home it doesn't really give off much of a beachy vibe but rather, adds an element of color to the white brick wall! And don't you love the modern blue vases? A nice touch, indeed! 

rustic wall clock 24 inchbeach wall clock 18 inch

Before we move to our next must have clock, let's talk a little about placement and finding the best size to perfectly display your new timepiece. Large wall spaces can become a difficult void to fill when trying to compliment your look.  Choosing the size is depends on these 2 things - the size of the wall and the statement you want to make.

If what you are after is a single focal point to fill a blank wall, choose a large, oversized clock, maybe one with a textured pattern or colorful face if the wall space is neutral. Wood clocks are also great here! You could also choose one that is a bit smaller and add delicate accents to enhance the overall look. Smaller accents that surround the clock contribute to both a gallery wall feel, and also serve to balance your new clock in it's space. 

office wall clock


In the home office pictured above, the ultra modern, metal geometric clock is perfectly balanced, surrounded by other decor accents. While the clock alone might have been enough in this space, this home owner chose to add in additional elements, particularly one of function... that wire wall grid. Great for hanging photos, important notes and deadlines, etc. Smart, huh? 

Let's move on.... 

3. 30" Farmhouse Wall Clock

This beautifully distressed farmhouse wall clock is oversized, rustic, and the perfect large piece to welcome into your home!

30 inch wall clock

Bold, and certainly big enough to stand on its own, above your fireplace or fill in any blank wall, or add to a gallery or among other decor items!

This clock is obviously all about farmhouse, vintage, and rustic flair. It's made of reclaimed wood so it's eco-friendly and it's handcrafted and amazingly detailed! Pair with other vintage decor finds, maybe some metal wall decor... whatever you choose. It's a bold statement on any wall! 

30 inch farmhouse clock

Living rooms seem to be the favored room to hang a decorative wall clock in. Incorporated with other photos and accents, they surely complete the look!  

oversized wall clock

I LOVE this look here. The perfect farmhouse living room, IMO. I can't think of anything that would fit better above the couch than an oversized wood wall clock. Surrounding the large clock are 2 rustic planter wall sconces that bring an element of nature into the space! The table runner and rustic wood tray are great rustic touches and paired with the throw pillows in different patterns.... absolutely perfect!  

4. 13" Modern Wall Clock

For smaller spaces and more modern decor settings, this one is a best seller for good reason. Simple enough so as not to take away from other decor elements, but stylish enough to stand out...

13 inch modern wall clock

It's simple modern, style works perfectly with virtually any decor style. Look how bold it is on a farmhouse shiplap wall (above)... and below you have a more modern decor, also the perfect fit! 

13 inch modern wall clock

At 13" round, it is the perfect size for any small wall space, incorporated within your family photos on your gallery wall, and for any room in your home! Eco-Friendly natural wood with hand painted numbers and cast iron hands, a definite must have!

farmhouse clock 30 inchmodern clock 13 inch

5.  Metal Industrial Gear Wall Clock

This one is much more industrial than the others featured above but it's an absolute favorite, for good reason.

metal gear industrial clock

metal gear clock product

With 3 sizes to choose from - 12", 16" or  20" you can choose the perfect sizes for your space. It's clearly industrial with the gears in the center and the roman numerals and metal frame add a modern touch. Definitely draws the eye, don't you think?

Choose from black/gold or black/silver for the perfect fit in your home!

 For metal decor ideas, be sure to check out Top 10 Metal Farmhouse Decor Design Tips.

How about adding some Faux Taxidermy to your home? Check out To Go Faux or No? for some great tips.

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  • Elina Brooks

    I’m glad you suggested placing a decorative wall clock in our living room since it would look good above the couch and adorned with other photos and accents to complete the look. Coincidentally, I found an old wall clock in my basement this morning when I was cleaning, and I wanted to get it repaired soon. I’ll have to take the clock to a trusted repair service soon and get it fixed. http://www.johnagillclockrepair.com

  • Gabe Mackelmore

    That rustic wall clock seems interesting! I could put it in the guest area of my house! As for the living room, I chose an industrial wall clock from https://orchidranchfurniture.com/collections/industrial-wall-clocks because of the white walls in that room. The clock needed to blend it well with it!


    Personally, I’m really a fan of a mirrored wall clock and I have my home collections from https://orchidranchfurniture.com/collections/mirrored-wall-clocks in all the major rooms of the house. After seeing the oversized wooden wall clock, I really think it’s a great Idea to add some flare and diversity to the house!

  • Don Davies

    I think the industrial wall clock works for me! Also, a mirrored wall clock is really nice! It’s contemporary design is really beautiful and modern! I got ones from https://orchidranchfurniture.com/collections/mirrored-wall-clocks and they really have nice units there to choose from! I’m definitely looking for that industrial wall clock too!

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