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Do you ever look at that blank wall in your living room and think... It needs something? Something big (or small depending on the space)? Something bold that draws the eye? Maybe you aren't into art but want something that compliments the space, in the right colors so it doesn't blend in but, rather, pops a bit to make a statement? You need a piece of artwork or some artsy display. But what to choose? The right wall art is a great way to capture your personality and creativity put it on display. These days there are so many artful statement pieces to choose from and if you choose the wrong one, or the wrong size, you're likely to end up with a piece that grabs the wrong kind of attention. You want something to be the focal point of the wall you hang it on, without consuming the entire room because, after all, everything you've added to your space deserves focus.

So, without further adieu, we have put together some of our favorite pieces of art to help you on your way!

Last Updated: Dec. 8, 2020

1. Green Cactus Watercolor Canvas Wall Art, Set of 3

Simple, artful and full of nature... this piece is perfect for any room!

Cactus Wall Color Canvas

This digital print watercolor painting is a fabulous print on high quality canvas. The perfect decor to brighten your home. The simple green hues of this piece lends itself well to any space. I especially love this for a room where house plants are on display, whether real or fake, as it is the perfect compliment!

2. Rustic World Map Canvas

Are you a world traveler? Or maybe you want to be? If so, consider this piece of art!

World Map Canvas

The neutral tones here make it great for virtually any space! It is a perfect image to display in the study or office of a scholar, history buff, world traveler (or aspiring) or military vet. This piece is available in 2 sizes to choose from for the best fit in any space! And isn't that modern wall clock amazing, too? The neutral colors of all the decor here are so warm and inviting... exactly what you want for a space like this!

3. The Long Hair Bull Canvas

Animal Lover? Of course, right... who isn't? This piece is beautiful, rustic, and full of nature! Who wouldn't love this majestic beast?

Bull Canvas wall art

Available in many sizes and even a 3-panel piece if you need something larger to fill your space, the Longhair Bull Canvas is a great addition to any rustic, neutral, or even modern space. 

Design Tip:
Improperly hung art stands out like a sore thumb! It doesn't go without notice and you end up with an overwhelming urge to fix it. But how? Well, positioning is key here! Most people have a tendency to hang artwork too high. The rule of thumb here is: Wall Art should be hung at eye level on your wall so it immediately grabs the eye. Think of art galleries. You don't often see displayed artwork higher than that. The same applies in your home. The exception to this would be if you have super low ceilings. If you do you will want to make some adjustments to the positioning of your art so as not to make your room look too small.

Moving on...

Looking for something fun and colorful? Check this out!

4. The Wild Ocelot Animal Canvas

For a fun colorful statement...

Wild Ocelot Canvas wall art


This gorgeous, colorful piece has a beautiful texture, and the look and feel of fine art. It artfully incorporates so many colors that it fits in well with any color scheme. And definitely pops! It's the perfect statement piece for a kid or teen space, home office, or on your gallery wall and due to its colorful nature it's a must-have for any contemporary space!

If you like the Wild Ocelot, consider the Colorful Pig Wall canvas or even the Colorful Owl Canvas! Try all 3 for the perfect set!

5. There Is Always Hope Balloon Girl Canvas Art

There is something super sweet and tender about this piece of art.

Balloon girl canvas

This canvas, Balloon Girl, or Girl With Balloon, is one of Banksy’s most notable works. The black and white background makes it a great choice for any wall whether your room color is neutral or bold. The subtle POP of red is what stands out in this canvas. It's a real eye-catcher, or sure!

6. Mason Jar On Barnwood Canvas

Nothing says "farmhouse" more than a mason jar vase filled with sunflowers... even if it's on a canvas!

Mason Jar On Barnwood Canvas

Sized at 8" x 10" this farmhouse piece is more of an accent than a statement piece, but it's a great one nonetheless! It's a perfect addition to your floating wall shelf, or mounted on your wall where you need a little something to fill a void! Either way, you can't go wrong with this piece!

Not an art enthusiast? No problem! Wall Art takes many different shapes and forms! Why not try some Wall Sticker quotes to fill a blank space? Wall art stickers are the least expensive way to transform your space. They add a layer of interest to any space. 

7. Moon & Stars Wall Stickers

What better way to show your child that you love them "To the Moon & Back"!


Moon & Stars wall stickers

A welcomed addition to any child's space - nursery, bedroom, or playroom! Such a sweet reminder to your little that they are the moon & stars in your life! This set comes with the moon and stars stickers you see in the image above, as well as an extra something that states "To the Moon & Back" (below). So sweet!

Moon & Star stickers

Design Tip: When deciding to decorate with wall stickers, the key is to know the space size. If you have a large empty wall, consider choosing wall stickers that cover the entire area. Choose a large design, or get creative with how you lay them out on your wall to maximize the most space. But be sure that your wall stickers don't look too small in your space.  If that's the case, you may choose to section off a space for your stickers for the best overall look.

8. Set of 12 Family Quotes Wall Stickers

Family is.... Everything! Why not display it on your wall?

Set of 12 Family Quotes Wall Stickers

Strength, forever, love, laughter... yup.. all of the above! These are great for filling in space between your family portraits on your gallery wall. You can choose from 9 different colors to get the best compliment to your decor!  The word sizes range from 5" W to 15" W in this set. 12 words included to be placed any way and anywhere you'd like!

9. Watercolor Dots Wall Stickers

How adorable is this?

Polka dot wall stickers

Choose from 6 different colors and comes in a Set of 60 decals. Each dot is 3" x 3" so you can space them close together or further apart depending on your design preference. And the best part is, it's super easy! Just peel and stick! Makes for a great DIY project to add some flair to your child's space, or your own! (picture above shows gray dots on left and pastel dots on right)

10. Round Wall Sticker Mirrors

Mirrors and wall stickers in one! Transform your space easily with these wall stickers!

Round Wall Sticker Mirror

Great for hanging over your bed, or in your living room above your couch (or anywhere you'd like to add mirrors without the high expense and damage to your walls) these wall stickers can easily create the appearance of more space, as with all mirrors, but with the ease of installation! Comes in a set of 26 so you can hang them however you wish to create the perfect look for your space! Available in silver or gold, so choose whichever color will best compliment your space!

And there you have it! Our top 10! Which ones would look great in your home?

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