11 Farmhouse Statement Pieces & Decor Tips

11 farmhouse statement pieces & decor tips

We all hear the term ‘statement piece’ all the time when it comes to decor. But.. what exactly is a statement piece and how do we choose which piece (or pieces) to add to our home decor?

Last Updated: Nov. 4, 2020

A statement piece is, simply put, the star of the show in any given room!  Statement pieces come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes. Most people think a statement piece has to be bold, brightly colored, or unique! Not necessarily so. But uniqueness helps! Pieces that you absolutely love, grab your attention and draw the eye... this is what you are looking for! Because, after all... it's your statement piece in your home! So, display what grabs ya!

It can certainly be overwhelming to pick a single item that packs the perfect punch for your decor.  With that in mind, we've put together our fave 11 (and we'll throw some design ideas in there as well)!

1. 30 inch Farmhouse Wall Clock

Rustic, Farmhouse, & BIG! It makes a BIG statement, where ever you hang it!

30 inch farmhouse wall clock

Look at how big it is!!! Definitely makes a statement in whichever room you choose to hang it! And best of all, its handmade from reclaimed wood. The rustic cast iron numbers add an additional touch of farmhouse for the perfect timepiece. When timing is everything.... this statement piece will certainly do! Don't you agree? (Consider adding that distressed bronze arrow as an accent! Looks great together, right?)

2. 20 inch Rustic Metal Wall Clock

Yes, another clock! (Full disclosure.. there will be a few more because, what's better than a statement piece that's functional as well?) This piece is totally worth being in our top 15 list!

rustic metal wall clock

The Industrial Rustic metal look really POPS and draws the eye while also serving a purpose! Keep yourself on-time and in style with this beautifully detailed time piece! It works with so many decor types and color schemes that it's a definite fave! Add as a standalone piece on a blank wall, or paired with a few accent pieces.

3. Large White & Gold Longhorn Cow Skull

Faux Taxidermy, even though it isn't for everyone, is the ultimate statement piece! I mean, what says "hey you... yeah you...look at me!" like a faux longhorn skull front and center on your wall, above your mantle... virtual anywhere?! Hmm, I can't think of anything. Can you?

large white gold longhorn cow skull

Beautifully detailed and multi-colored to make any room POP. This piece is large enough to be a statement piece but still small enough to tie in a gallery wall. And if you need something smaller, this beauty is also available in mini size.

Or, if your looking something with a unique, creative twist...

4. Carved Longhorn Cow Skull

How about a carved longhorn skull? OK, so this one isn't really all that "farmhouse", more southwestern I would say... but it's worth mentioning, for sure.

carved longhorn cow skull

5. Round Wall Mirror

Great for the bathroom, bedroom, any room that needs a statement! The basic round design of this piece makes it perfect for so many rooms, and it fits with so many decor styles... from modern to rustic farmhouse! 

round wall mirror

Want a more farmhouse vibe? Add a ladder against the wall to display your favorite throw. Or add in some metal wall accent pieces. As for choosing the right size...the bigger the mirror, the bigger the statement! Available on Amazon.

Random design tip - Keeping in mind that your statement piece should be the star, by no means should it be the only decor in the room! Think about it, when you go to see a Broadway show, doesn't the star have a supporting cast? The same holds true when it comes to decor. Why? Well, if you leave a decor piece by itself, even something like a large faux deer head, for instance, the room will most likely feel unbalanced and just “off.” By considering the size of your room and the other items inside, you can add in a statement piece that will stand out as the focal point, but still marry well with the accent pieces as well as furniture in the room.

Moving along...

6. Large White Deer Head

large deer head faux taxidermy

When you have a large space, even if it's somewhat separated like the image above, having two statement pieces is not out of the question. Especially if one is a gorgeous faux deer head and the other is an oversized rustic wall clock (next in our top 15)! Both are amazingly detailed and serve as great focal points! But, I'm more drawn toward the faux deer head in this room. Something about that dark wall with the white deer that POPS! Wouldn't you agree? After all, when you have something as unique as a deer hanging on your wall, not much else can compete with that! The faux deer head is also available in mini if you're looking for something smaller.

6. 24 inch Rustic Wall Clock

At 24 x 24 inches, this clock is an oversized statement that's as beautiful as it is functional!

24 inch rustic wall clock

Another handmade, hand finished beauty! Not so rustic that it can't be hung in a more modern space, but with the wood and metal accents it also has a rustic farmhouse touch! So amazingly detailed, you'll love it! The natural wood color works great with virtually any wall color or texture and the black cast iron hands and numbers are a great contrast!

7. Large White & Gold Deer Skull

Yes, another faux taxidermy piece! But I really had to share this one with you. It is so eye catching and is truly a statement piece.

white and gold deer skull faux taxidermy

And, after all.... why settle for a boring statement when you can make a BOLD one?! Amazingly detailed, and painted white with gold antlers to be the perfect blend with almost every color scheme, this deer skull is so lifelike, it looks like the real thing, but animal friendly! So, for a piece that packs a punch, this one is a sure winner. Need something a bit smaller? Yes, it comes in mini size as well!

8. Gold Geometric Wall Mirror

This one kind of teeters on the modern/farmhouse fence. True, in design it is  modern, but it is a great statement piece in a farmhouse space to mix things up a bit. So, you be the judge...


The metal design goes great in more modern farmhouse settings. After all, farmhouse design is very much based on rustic wood elements as well as metal. There's something about the pairing of wood and metal that helps create the perfect space, don't ya think?

9. Gold Wall Mirror

As beautiful addition to any room in your home. Even more so if it's farmhouse themed, we think.

3o inch gold mirror

The gold trim adds a hint of elegance among other rustic decor. Sized at 22’’ x 30’’ inch, this Rectangle Mirror is the perfect size for your bathroom, bedroom, or entryway. Large enough to stand alone, but on a large wall you can easy ass two side by side! It's both functional and stunning.

10. Mason Jar On Barnwood Canvas

This beautiful 8 x 10 Canvas prints of sunflowers in mason jar mounted on wood frame as a great addition!

mason jar on barnwood canvas

Who doesn't love sunflowers? And the barnwood canvas adds the perfect rustic farmhouse touch!

11. Beach Wall Clock

This handmade beauty does double duty. Definitely farmhouse but also beachy if your into all things nautical!

18 inch beach wall clock

Handmade and hand finished, this gorgeous clock is the perfect size, 18 inches round, and the distressed paint finish is hand distressed on reclaimed wood! For a more farmhouse look, add in some wood and rustic metal accents. If your leaning more nautical, some cast iron anchors are a great compliment!

And there you have it! Our top 11! Which ones would look great in your home?

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