The PERFECT 10! Our top 10 picks for FUN & FUNctional Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Holders

The Perfect 10 - Our top 10 picks for paper towel and toilet paper holders

Up your game! Especially when it comes to paper towel holder and toilet paper holders. Do something a little different, something fun, a little crazy, but do so while also keeping your paper towels functionally accessible. For your paper towel and toilet paper holder needs, don't be boring.... Be creative! And most of all... FUN and FUNctional!

Last Updated: Oct. 20, 2020

The basic function of paper towel and toilet paper holders is.. .well.... you know that already! But gone are the days of boring, standard holders that everyone else has! Today, there are so many unique and fun ideas to house your paper products.. while also displaying your uniqueness and adding a touch of rustic (or whimsy,  depending on your choice). We have put together what we think are the Perfect 10!

Let's begin... we'll start with the animals! After all, who doesn't love animal accessories?

1. Cast Iron Cat Paper Towel Holder

To this I say ME-OW!!!!! Its PURRRFECT!!! The design, the color, the pose :)! Perfect for all cat lovers!

cat paper towel holder

So cute, right? It's also great for bathroom use too! Store those extra toilet paper rolls with whimsical style!

What's great about this accessory (aside from the cuteness factor) is the amazing detail and material that it was is made from! Its handmade and hand brushed of cast iron. It has some weight to it... it weighs 4 lbs! So it has enough weight behind it to not topple over when you grab for a paper towel! I mean, what good is a cute accessory without function? Am I right? I think most of all I am in love with the pose! This stretching cat paper towel holder will surely add charm to any room, while also impressing your guests and proudly displaying your love of cats!

2. Cast Iron Dog Paper Towel (and toilet paper, too!) Holder

Need a housewarming gift for the ultimate dog lover in your life? Or, maybe it's for you? This canine cutie is sure to add some attention to your bathroom (or kitchen)!

dog toilet paper tolder
Also handmade and hand brushed, sturdy, adorable... well you get the picture. This weenie is fun and functional! And the perfect pop of gold (and humor) to your home!

cat paper towel holderdog toilet paper holder

3. Cast Iron Giraffe Paper Towel Holder

This handmade gold cast iron metal Giraffe Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Holder is the perfect home addition for any giraffe lover!

giraffe toilet paper paper towel holder

With a 13" neck it holds a roll of paper towels perfectly... or a few rolls of toilet paper for a fun storage solution!

4. Cast Iron Dinosaur Paper Towel Holder

Or toilet paper holder! Perfect for the kids bathroom! The will ROAARRRRR over this fun accent piece!

DInosaur toilet paper holder

The unique design of this piece makes it perfect for many functional uses!

Giraffe paper towel toilet paper holderDinosaur toilet paper paper towel holder

5. Cast Iron Frog Paper Towel Holder

Who doesn't love frogs? If you are looking to add charm to any room, while also impressing your guests and proudly displaying your love of frogs, this piece of decor will certainly do just that! 

frog paper towel holder

Handmade from cast iron, this hand brushed, sturdy paper towel holder can hold any roll of paper towels (or toilet paper) or a fun and functional storage solution. Perfect as a gift for any frog lover! 

Also, check out that cactus canvas on the wall? If your a succulent lover, this may be for you. It's actually one piece of a set of 3, Green Cactus Watercolor Canvas Wall Art. Simple, oudoorsy... beautiful!

6. Fleur de Lis Toiler Paper Holder

What can we say about this piece? I mean, it holds toilet paper... yes. But, the beautiful fleur de lis detail here adds a hint of Paris to your decor!

Cast iron toilet paper holder

Why settle for something boring when you "gotta go"? It's all about style, as well as function! And this toilet paper holder adds both! This little touch of Paris is incredibly detailed, hand brushed Cast Iron Bronze metal and is sure to add style to your bathroom! C'est beau!

Frog paper towel holderFleur de lis toilet paper holder

7. Turtle Toilet Paper Holder

This one is super cute and great for the kids bathroom!

Turtle Toilet paper holder

This Cast Iron Decorative Turtle Toilet Paper Holder is perfect for any sea life inspired bathroom. It adds charm to any nautical room, while impressing your guests.. and the kids will love it! Crafted from cast iron and easily mountable. Available at Nautical Decor Unlimited.

And how cute is that picture? Remind your little guy to steady his aim with this funny accent piece.  Available on Etsy.

8. Decorative Free Standing Paper Towel Holder

Decor paper towel holderTake a look at this awesome paper towel holder! (and matching trivet as well!) This free standing paper towel holder is made of rust resistant steel and with its raised design it is sure to keep your paper towel clean, dry and off the counter until ready for use!

Modern, Outdoorsy, and Functional!

9. Decorative Sheep Toilet Paper Holder

This one is certainly FUN! Why not add a sheep to your bathroom decor? Create more space, and put a smile on the face of anyone who enters your bathroom with Baxter, The Baa-dorable Sheep Toilet Paper Stand.

Sheep Toilet Paper HolderSheep Toilet Paper Holder

What's great about this one is that it is a whimsical way to store your extra toilet paper rolls. It can be free standing or mount on the wall to keep your rolls off the floor.

And, last but certainly not least...

10. Bronze Pig Paper Towel Holder

Nothing says Farmhouse like a pig! This Bronze Pig shaped paper towel holder makes cleanup fun! Don't ya think?

pig paper towel holder

The free standing design keep paper towels handy where you need them! I've said it before and I'll say it again... It's all about FUN and FUNction! Because you CAN have both!

And there you have it! The Perfect 10! So many to choose from! Each unique in its own way! Which of these holders are your favorites?

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