11 Must Have Decorative Wall Hooks

11 Must Have decorative wall hooks

The basic function of wall hooks is to keep coats neat and tidy when you are not wearing them, scarves and hats off the floor, keys accessible... Overall, to keep spaces neat and clean. They are a valuable addition to any home – So, why settle for boring and standard? Sure, they have to be functional, but there is nothing that says they can't be stylish as well!  We have put together 11 of our favorite must have decorative wall hooks just for YOU! All of them are designed to incorporate beautifully with your current decor style, no matter what the style!

Last Updated: Oct. 3, 2020

1. Gold Octopus Wall Hooks

Have a few too many towels and washcloths in the bathroom? Get them off the floor with this adorable, functional, and detailed gold octopus wall hooks! Perfect for any nautical themed bathroom, pool house, or anywhere, really! 

Gold Octopus Wall Hooks

So cute, right? Great for keys, leashes, scarves, and more!

This Handmade Cast Iron Metal Decorative Octopus Hooks is amazingly detailed, hand brushed and perfect for the fishing or ocean lover in your life! Keep everything organized and within reach... AND add a nautical touch! It's a win/win!

2. His & Hers Wall Hooks

Have a wedding coming up and not sure what to get the happy couple? Or, do you just need a place to hang your bathrobes or towels? This is one of my faves, for sure! Classy, modern, but also works well with a Farmhouse theme! 

His hers wall hooks

Each hook is 5.8", so it's the perfect size! Not too big to take up too much space, but also just big enough to show the beautiful detail.

Handmade of cast iron, and hand finished, these beautiful wall hooks are just what you need to keep you and your other half organized.  

 gold octopus hookshis and hers hooks

3. Cast Iron Seashell Wall Hooks

Some more nautical hooks for ya! The perfect Beach Wall Decor for your home! Functional, yet stylish for any room that is in need of a touch of nautical, ocean fun!

Seashell wall hooks

The unique design of this piece makes it perfect for many functional uses! 

And the stunning detail makes a great towel rack for your outdoor pool area... or perfect for hanging in your laundry room, entry way, bathroom... you name it! Handmade & Hand brushed of cast iron for durability and style! 

4. Set of 3 Fleur de Lis Wall Hooks

This handmade set of Rustic Cast Iron Bronze Decorative Fleur De Lis Wall Hooks (Includes Screws!) is both functional and beautiful!

set of 3 wall hooks

These hooks can be used to hang jackets, keys, leashes, scarves, bathrobes...anything you need to hang that could use a little design flair.

These little touches of Paris are incredibly detailed, hand brushed Cast Iron Bronze metal Wall Hooks and can be used as a single Wall Hook or together to add more design. Hang them in-line or stagger them for a more creative look.


 seashell wall hooksSet of 3 hooks 

5. Set of 3 Starfish Wall Hooks

Rather be at the beach? This set of 3 Starfish wall hooks is the perfect fun and functional addition to your home. Finish off your bathroom with a POP of color with this gorgeous set! 

starfish wall hooks

These cast iron wall hooks are shaped like starfish and have a beautiful weathered blue effect to them to make them truly stand out and be a statement piece in whichever room you decide to hang them. Add a touch of beachy decor to your home with these hand made distressed patina wall hooks, each with a weathered blue finish which adds to its uniqueness and charm!

6. Skeleton Key Wall Hooks

The perfect Wall Decor for your home! Functional, yet stylish for any room that is in need of a gold touch of uniqueness! Call it elegant, call it dramatic... either way... it's glam, for sure!

Skeleton key wall hooks

This Skeleton Key wall hook is so beautifully detailed and perfect for many functional uses or just for some design flair! It works great as an organizer for your keys, scarves, hats, jewelry.. or decorations that need a hook!  

Not just functional, but also looks beautiful anywhere you want to hang it. This beauty is hand finished and hand painted gold to add to its charm!

starfish wall hooksskeleton key wall hooks

7. Fishbones Wall Hooks

What do you call a fish with no eyes? Fishually impaired! LOL

But seriously, check this out! The ultimate gift for your favorite fisherman, or for someone with a love of the great outdoors!  

Fishbones wall hooks

    Super unique, right? When was the last time you saw something like this? It's functional.... and so fun! An absolute statement piece for your home! What's great about this piece is that it's rustic, whimsical, and useful all at the same time. A great home office or dorm room addition! Am I right?

    7. Set of 6 Nautical Wall Hooks

    Yes, more beachy, nautical hooks! Can you tell where I want to be? LOL

    6 nautical hooks

    This cast iron set is perfect for your pool house, bathroom (where you need lots of hooks for towels, loufahs, washclothes, etc.) or the entryway. High traffic areas need more organization, for sure! And with 6 hooks in this set you'll be super organized and stylish at the same time! Mount them on a rustic wood piece before installing on the wall so an added cottage feel, or hang them right on the wall. You're choice!

    fish bones wall hooks6 nautical wall hooks

    8. Deer Antler Wall Hooks

    OK, let's switch gears a bit! Take a look at these deer antler wall hooks! Amazing, right? You don't see hooks like this everyday! Truly unique!

    White antler hooks wall rack

    This poly resin wall rack is perfect for hanging all your light items! From light towels to jewelry, to dog leashes and keys. Decorative Stag Antlers that are beautiful ,yet functional, for any room. (We think that's worthy of a happy dance)! Where ever you hang it, you will enjoy the beautiful detail of this gem!

    Also available in Gold for more POP and Glam!
    gold antler hooks wall rack

     white antler hooksgold antler hooks

    9, 10 & 11. Some more of our faves! 


    Available at Wayfair

    And there you have it! So many to choose from! Each unique in its own way! Which of these hooks are your favorites? 


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