Re-Design your Space for Under $500

re-design your spae for under 500

Looking to update your space but don't have a lot of extra money to do so? Don't let that discourage you from getting, at least, as close as your wallet will allow, to that HGTV home you've always dreamed of. That's not to say you can reclad your walls with shiplap or add wood beams to your home - but a few simple changes can make all the difference. So, here are 10 design ideas and tips to help you along the way. It's not an impossible task, you'll see!

1. Choose a new wall color

Establish a color palette and, of course, to save money, be prepared to put on those coveralls and do the painting yourself. Choosing the right color is key. Visit your local hardware store and  pick up a slew (yes, a lot!) of color samples that are within the color family you are looking for. Depending on the room size, amount of natural or artificial light, and other items that are staying put in the room, the color of your dreams might not be the right choice. So having different samples of tones within the same family is ideal. Once you choose the right color, you are ready to go!

Redesign for under 500

How about blue? That's a great, bold farmhouse color! You might even want to choose a complimenting color (or contrasting color depending on our taste) and repaint some furniture as well to really change things up!

2. Thrift store finds

Thrifting isn't for everyone, but if it's your thing stop by your local thrift store and browse around. You are sure to find some 2nd hand accent tables, pictures, picture frames, and other amazing items at a steal! Typically, furniture found here will need some TLC but, no worries, a little paint goes a long way! Sometimes it's even easier than that and it's great as-is or all it needs is a light sanding and a little bit of stain to be the perfect rustic accent piece your room needs.

redecorate for under 500

3. Wall Mirrors - Functional wall art!

Wall Mirrors are a great, relatively low cost addition to any wall in your home. Added bonus: They can make your room look larger and more open. The also reflect both natural and artificial light to make a room brighter during the day and night. As for the style, go simple and elegant with your mirror frame, or vintage and eclectic, depending on your decor theme and, your taste, of course. If you're looking for an inexpensive vintage piece, add that to your thrift store list! Otherwise, hop online to find the perfect mirror in any shape, size and color you desire! Like this Gold Trimmed, 30" Round Hanging Wall Mirror. Also available in 20" and 24".

30 inch wall mirror

4. Faux is the way to Go!

Add some nature to your home that doesn't require any maintenance or upkeep! Faux plants are a great low cost decor accent to spruce up your home. With a little searching you can find the perfect faux foliage to add to your Grandma's old vase, or your favorite clay pot, or make it easy and buy a piece that's already in a decorative pot. Choose some small accents to adorn your shelves or something larger a center piece for your table or freestanding on the floor to fill that dead space.

Metal pot floor plant Or, if your looking for a cheaper solution, try this Metal Plant and Flower Can with Handles... add your own floral touch to this rustic farmhouse beauty!

Metal Can Flowers Plants with Handle
5. Some more Faux Ideas

While we're on the Faux train... How about some Faux Taxidermy wall decor to add some unique rustic flair to your space? It's not for everybody, but when you see the detail (and low price point) of these beauties you are sure to find one that catches your eye! From Faux Deer Heads and Skulls to Lions, Wolves, and even Southwestern inspired Longhorn Skulls, faux wall decor is trending and can easily make a home in your space, regardless of your design aesthetic.

Mini Longhorn Skull

Check out all of our Faux Taxidermy Decor to choose the right piece to compliment your space. They are an inexpensive unique way to change-up your decor!

6. Simple Architectural Details can make a BIG difference!

Small touches added to your rooms such as built-ins, crown molding, a wood accent wall, and wainscoting are often easy enough to add yourself. And if you are lucky enough to score some reclaimed lumber the cost can be cheaper than you think! Even if you have to visit your local hardware store it's still  a cost effective means of transforming your space into something more aesthetically pleasing. In many cases small changes like these can even increase the value of your home if a sale is in your future. Especially with built-ins - these add extra storage space which is always welcomed! Adding a built-in bench with storage and wood accent wall in your mudroom can be an inexpensive reno.

Redesign your spacce for under $500

*Tip: If you're looking to re-design your mudroom and want more decorative Wall Hooks, take a look at our Decorative Wall Hook collection! Great for your mud room, foyer, bathroom, bedroom or anywhere you need some organization. These Fleur de Lis inspired set of 3 metal wall hooks are perfect for your new mudroom built-in storage.

Fleur de Lis set of 3 metal wall hooks

7. Switch-Up your Handles, Hardware, & Fixtures

Consider changing your doorknobs, your kitchen or bathroom cabinet door handles, and other furniture hardware for an inexpensive facelift to your most used spaces. Try some trendy replacements, like brass or matte black. (Black is a Farmhouse fave!) The beauty here is, if you get tired of it, it's simple and inexpensive enough to swap out for something new anytime the mood strikes you! Another inexpensive way to change things up is to replace light fixtures with something more modern, more eclectic, more farmhouse... whichever style calls to you!

redesign your space for under $500

8. Make a Gallery Wall

This is another instance where where thrifting comes in handy. Search for picture frames or even framed pictures and swap out the pictures for some family portraits or other fave pictures. All frames don't have to match exactly, in fact, they can be differently shaped, mix and match metals, add some black in with some metals.. the sky's the limit. It's important to keep in mind the overall look and pattern you're going for as well as the size of the wall you are looking to create your gallery on. If you add too many elements to the wall your end result could turn out cluttered and looking like you had no idea what you were doing, and if you add too few the result will leave you underwhelmed.  Take some time and measure out the wall, the distance between frames and other decor elements and lay it out on the floor first to be sure you have things just right before you commit it to the wall. Check out some gallery wall design tips to help you along the way.

Large Lion on Gallery wall

Another helpful tip, add in other design elements to create dimension on your gallery wall. Like this Large Gold Lion Head (above).

9. Pillows, Throws & Rugs

Changing colors and textures of your pillows and throws is a great way to create the appearance of a room re-design without the large expense. Adding in some faux fur pillows, shag, maybe some with stripes or tassels is not only comfy and cozy but also transforms the look and feel of your space, without a large expense. Mix and match patterns and textures for the ultimate modern farmhouse vibe and throw in some oversized floor pillows or an ottoman to seal the deal!

Adding in a new area rug is a bit more costly than just getting some new pillows, but if you hunt for some sales you're sure to find the perfect new area rug to compliment your space.

redesign your space for under 500

10. Rethink Neglected Spaces or Small Closets

Do you have a nook or small closet that doesn't get used often? Try turning it into a built-in home office (if the space is large enough). Remove the closet doors and add a floating shelf for a desk. A few desk accessories, maybe some wall art, and a stylish office chair, and you’re ready to get to work when duty calls. If the space is more of a nook than a closet, add in a pair of floating wall shelves, one on top of each other, to create an eye-catching space to add your knick-knacks, faux plants, pictures and other favorite small accents.

*Tip: Find some patterned wallpaper to add to the wall before adding your shelves for a more dramatic transformation!

Floating wall shelves

You don't need to have a nook to add in Floating Shelves. Any empty wall needs some TLC and floating wall shelves add just that. Use rich wood tones for a more rustic feel, white or black if you'd rather go modern. Perfect for kitchens, living room, bedrooms... anywhere!

Hopefully we've left you with a few ideas for your next re-design! Happy Decorating!

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