Our Top 22 of 2022

Top 22 of 2022

It's a New Year! Welcome 2022! What better time to share with you our Top 22 decor items and tips to help you turn your home into that HGTV home you've been after. All it takes is a few unique, maybe farmhouse inspired, decor pieces and some helpful tips to get you well on your way. So, let's get to it, shall we?

1. How about some Fish Bones Wall Hooks?

Wall hooks are a great way to help organize your space, especially if floor space is an issue. Easily mount them to any wall, and hang things like keys, scarves, leashes, hats... or use one as a jewelry organizer. These fish bones wall hooks are a fave among our customers, and it's easy to see why! Hand crafted and absolutely unique, these cast iron metal wall hooks are perfect for any space that needs some organization. Makes a great gift idea for your favorite fisherman or a great addition to your beach or lake house.


2. Add a Faux Lion head into the mix!

Lions are known for their majestic appearance. Commonly referred to as "the King of the Beasts," they are a symbol of power, strength, and courage. And if that wasn't enough, they are beautiful creatures! So why not add one of these beauties to your decor?

Large Lion Head
Do you LOVE the lion but need something smaller to fill an empty space on your wall? Look no further....

3. Mini Lion Heads are the perfect accent!

Available in gold and white to match any color scheme, these mini lion heads are great for kids room, nursery, home office, or any space that needs a unique accent that's a little smaller.

Mini gold lion head

 Our customer have had the most amazing things to say about them.
For instance, Tawny says "Terrific, this is such an amazing piece of artwork for our daughters home. Her decor in her living room and kitchen is safari/African themed and this enhances it beautifully!! Thanks so much!!"
We couldn't agree more, Tawny! Nothing says "safari" like a lion!

4. The perfect Wall Clock is a MUST!

An all time favorite is our 18" Beach Wall Clock! Handmade of wood, the distressed appearance of this clock (which by the way is hand painted and distressed, not a sticker like others you may have seen) make this the perfect rustic, beach themed additional to your space.

18" beach wall clock

 Another great beachy decor piece is that Rustic Anchor! Right? Can you see it in your home?

5. Anchor's Away!

There is nothing beachier than an anchor! A definite favorite among our customers. Also, available in white if you're looking for that beachy feel but don't want to do too rustic. Made of cast iron, these anchors were made to last!

Rustic wall anchor

 Check out our White Anchor, too!

6. How to decorate with Faux Taxidermy decor?

Having some fun faux animal decor adorning your home is great, and certainly unique, but knowing where and how to hang it can sometimes be a challenge. There are a few easy to follow do's and don't's when trying to choose the best piece, and where to hang it. Consider the following for some helpful hints. (Note: these tips work for ALL decor accents, not just Faux animal pieces)

  • Don’t add one small piece to a large empty wall – This will create an underwhelming look & feel!
  • Do add 1 or 2 large pieces to a blank wall, like above your fireplace or sofa, to draw attention to a focal point and also set a more formal tone for your room.
  • Don’t add one large piece to a half wall or a small wall either – This will create an overwhelming feeling! A smaller piece is best in this case.
  • Do have fun with a gallery wall if you have a large space.
    -Start by grouping 3 to 5 decor accents (or more depending on the size of the wall) and make sure it looks natural by unifying the space with the same amount of space between them. Add a small faux animal head, like a small wolf, lion, or deer for a pop of dimension in between your framed pictures!

For instance, this Large Deer Skull is the perfect size, hung centered above the sofa. Anything smaller would be too underwhelming, and while, maybe, this home owner could have added a few smaller pictures or other decor items on either side, I think this piece is the perfect balance. And, best of all, it's a definite eye-catcher!

Large white and gold deer skull

 7. Wall Arrows are a great rustic accent

These Wall Arrows are great if you need something to fill in some blank space on your gallery wall, or if you are in need of a touch of rustic to finish your look. Metal Arrow Wall Decor is not only rustic and metal which adds a Farmhouse feel, but it also lends itself well to southwestern decor themes as well. Available in Rustic Bronze and Gold to compliment any space.

Rustic Wall Arrows


8. Mini White Deer Head, anyone?

This is where Wall Charmers started, and is still one of our best sellers! How can it not be? The detail in this piece is amazing and due to it's smaller size, its fits virtually anywhere! A great gallery wall addition, perfect for kids room or nursery, decorate with just 1, or more depending on your wall space, it's an eye-catching focal point in any space.

Mini Deer Head

9. Large Deer Heads are a show stopper, too!

Need something larger? Here you go! This Large Deer Head has the same amazing detail and jaw dropping effect as the Mini Deer, but it's on the larger side so it's perfect to hang over your fireplace, centered over your bed, or any large wall space that needs some love.

Large Deer Head

Check out our other Faux Taxidermy decor for some more unique decor pieces!

10. Decorating your home with Mirrors!

If you’re not blessed with an abundance of natural light (and even if you are but want our space to look larger), mirrors can help reflect the light you do have around the room creating the illusion of a larger space. Try adding a large mirror to your blank wall space or creating a gallery wall of different sizes and shapes. It makes a world of difference.

Large mirror

Aside from creating the look of spaciousness, be conscious of the hang height of your wall mirror. A mirror should always be hung at the appropriate height for the space. The level in which you hang your mirror will depend on what you want to be reflected. Eye-level works well in many cases, but higher or lower can also work depending on the situation.

For instance, if you have a tall curio cabinet on the opposing side, you may want to hang your mirror higher. This is also true when hanging a mirror above a piece of furniture. Depending on the height of the furniture and the other decor elements on that furniture, your mirror should be hung at a height that accents it all well.

Wall Charmers Hanging Wall Mirrors are the perfect addition to any home no matter your decor style.

11. Rustic Farmhouse Welcome Sign

Welcome your guests with this rustic Farmhouse Welcome Sign! With 5 sizes available you can choose the best size to fit your home! Perfect for outdoor and indoor!

Wood Welcome sign

12. This is Us - Our Life, Our Story, Our Home Rustic Wood Wall Sign

Wood signs are becoming a popular trend these days. Decorate your home with this trendy and family-oriented wall sign.  This is Us. Our Life. Our Story. Our Home .... Proudly display this in your home to add a touch of farmhouse to any room!  Each sign is professionally printed on Baltic birch wood and is made to look like rustic wood planks.

 This is Us wood wall sign

Check out some more Wood Signs for your space.

13. His & Her Wall Hooks

Cast iron for sturdiness, these rustic hooks feature 2 hooks on each piece for a great space saver in our entry way, or mud room. It also works well in the bathroom as towel or bathrobe hooks! These Incredibly detailed, hand brushed Cast Iron hooks are designed to be both functional and beautiful. The perfect wedding or engagement gift.

His Hers Wall Hooks

Need some more Wall Hook ideas? Check these out!

14. Cast Iron Jack Tabletop Home Accent

Accent your home and space with a stylish retro accent piece. This cast iron tabletop Jack is great as a paper weight, door stop, or displayed on a shelf or table. Smaller decor pieces have found their way into spaces that need a touch of flair to complete the look. This iconic jack shape in a rustic brown finish will be an eye-catching addition to any room.

Jack tabletop accent decor

15. Decorating with Metal - Should you Mix & Match?

There are many rules we all try to follow when it comes to home decor, and these rules exist for a reason, although there is always flexibility. It is, after all, your home and in the end you can do what you wish. Some people are dead set against mixing different metals when decorating with metal decor items in their home. But honestly, mixing metals adds both a clean and elegant style to any room. For the most part, different metals work together to add depth and dimension to your space. So, go ahead, have at it!

Metals mix and match

There are so many different metal decor accents to choose from. Take a look at these!

16. Gold Dinosaur Paper Towel & Toilet Paper Holder

If you are looking to add charm and whimsy to any room, this piece of decor will certainly do just that! Handmade from cast iron, this hand brushed, sturdy paper towel holder can hold any roll of paper towels (or toilet paper) while adding a touch of rustic decor to your space. Enhance the beauty of your home or give it as gift, it makes the perfect gift for any dinosaur lover! Combine Fun & Function with this adorable paper towel and toilet paper holder. Perfect for kids bathroom!

Gold dinosaur paper towel toilet paper holder

Not into dinosaurs? No problem. How about a cat, or a dog, or even a giraffe! You can find them all HERE!

17. Cast Iron Arrow Bookends

These amazingly detailed and unique Arrow bookends are crafted of cast iron and add personality to any bookshelf and our a definite decor favorite! Add style to your home library or any room while firmly holding together your favorite book collection. Hand made of cast iron for both durability and style and hand painted gold and black to add a POP to any color scheme.

Cast Iron black and gold bookends arrow

18. Rustic Skeleton Key Wall Decor

These are great! Rustic, Modern, but also a touch Medieval or Gothic - they are a great addition to many different decor styles! The Rustic Bronze Skeleton Key Wall Decor was designed to add a modern touch to the classical Medieval decor.  Crafted from cast iron, this handmade piece compliments a variety of design styles from classic to country cottage and more. With 2 hooks on the back, it can be hung in any direction, making it perfect for any wall, in any room! Try this on your gallery wall to add some dimension.

Rustic Bronze Skeleton Key

Also available in Gold for some added elegance!

19. Another Faux consideration - The Longhorn Cow Skull

The large white and gold Faux Longhorn Skull Wall decor was designed to be a Southwestern, Rustic focal point to any space. Beautifully detailed and multi-colored to make any room POP, this piece is large enough to be a statement piece but still small enough to tie in a gallery wall.

large Longhorn skull

If you're looking for something a little smaller with the same flair, check out our Mini Longhorn Skull.

20. Gold 24" Round Wall Mirror

Timeless & sophisticated, this mirror will enhance the beauty of your home! This Gold trimmed mirror is the perfect addition to any room in your home! Sized at 24", this Round Mirror is the perfect size for your bathroom, bedroom, or entryway. Handcrafted & hand-curated to be an artistic design that’s both functional and stunning. Sophisticated & elegant with a floating glass large bathroom mirror. The size is large enough to stand out in any room and small enough to be able to add 2!

24 inch round wall mirror

Need smaller or larger? No problem! Also available in 20" and 30".

21. Cast Iron Logan Dinner Bell

Like old times! Bring back that vintage touch with this cast iron piece. This unique piece of decor was designed to add style to your home. Our incredibly detailed, Decorative Cast Iron Logan Inspired Dinner bell is the perfect accent to your kitchen or dining room.

Logan dinner bell

22. And lastly... If you LOVE it - Make it Work!

Everyone envisions their space based on pictures they see on social media or maybe an HGTV show (so many to choose from) but in the end it's all about your space and how to make it work. No, not every piece of decor we see that catches our eye and screams "take me home" will work in every space, but often times, with a few small changes you can make it work. It isn't always necessary to make a big change, like repainting your wall (although that's certainly doable). It can be as easy as the addition of some wood or rustic elements to make a new decor piece that stole your heart work in your space!

white antler hooks

And there you have it... our Top 22 of 22 for YOU! Happy Decorating!

Need more design tips? Be sure to check out: 10 Mirror Design Ideas to Enhance the Beauty of your Home aimed at helping you choose the best wall mirror for your space. And...12 Wall Hooks Decor Ideas to Complete your Look! because who doesn't need some organization in their life?!


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