11 Bedroom Makeover Tips

Bedroom makeover tips

When it comes to home makeovers, why is the bedroom is the last space people spend time and money on? Sure, it's not the first room you see when you enter your home and it's not a gathering place for friends and family, but it deserves some love too!  After all, your bedroom is the last place you retreat to at the end of your day so it should be a space that makes you feel relaxed and cozy. Right?

With this in mind, we've put together some makeover tips to help you get that cozy, welcoming feeling you deserve in your bedroom. And best of all, these tips don't require a large investment so your pocketbook is safe! :-)

1. Where to start?

Depending on the level of help your bedroom needs, you might start with choosing a wall color to make the entire room feel fresh and new. There are so many different roads you can take when it comes to color so the one you choose depends on you. Looking for something romantic? Choose a deeper color. Dark colors lend themselves well to more romantically themed spaces. But be careful, if your bedroom is on the smaller side this can make the room appear smaller. Generally, I like to choose lighter, paler colors, like light blue, sage green, lavender... colors in that spectrum. These are very calming colors but also add a bit of freshness. And you can't go wrong with white! Wood tones pair nicely with white walls and you can add in pops of color with your decor accents. Like the white and gold longhorn cow skull below!

longhorn cow skull, bedroom decor

The wood furniture contrasts beautifully with the white painted brick wall and the gold accents add some charm to the space!

2. Add some new furniture

You don't have to go out and make a huge, expensive purchase like a new bedroom set. I'm talking more about accent furniture like a comfy chair, shelving unit, small table, vanity, or bench. Small details like this can be the perfect addition and... after all, it gives you more places to add in some plants (real or faux) to really add some life to your space.

bedroom, wall clock, accent furniture, plantsJust be sure your new accent furniture matches, or compliments your existing furniture.

Check out some of our Faux Plants! No maintenance and all the beauty of the real thing!

Tip: If you're handy, try a second hand store, flea market or even a nearby garage sale. Often times you'll find some great, old furniture there at a steal! It may need some TLC, but it's well worth it!

3. Mirrors! Mirrors! Mirrors!

What better place to put a mirror?! If not for the sake of seeing your gorgeous self, mirrors have a way of making your space feel larger by reflecting light. And who doesn't want a larger bedroom?

What shape to choose? Mirrors come in so many different shapes, styles, and sizes - there are so many options! Round mirrors are great for smaller spaces, or hung above your vanity. Floor mirrors are a must if you dress in your bedroom. After all, you have to check the look from top to bottom before you head out for the day! If you are looking for something to add a design element to your space, try something more vintage, or maybe a starburst mirror. The skies the limit. Just be sure to choose the right size for the space you intend to hang it. Too small will leave you with an underwhelming result, and too large can make your space look cluttered.

Bedroom mirror

Equally as important is the color and finish of the mirror frame. Black, white, silver, and gold are the most common. They are elegant and sleek without being too overpowering. Choose the one that best compliments your space.

Flea markets and thrift stores are also a great place to find vintage mirrors like the one pictured above!

4. Pillows & Throws add a cozy nuance

Bedding, throws, and throw pillows are a great addition to your bedroom decor since the bed always tends to be the focus of the room. Here is where you can add fluffy, faux furry, and other soft textures to change up your space, without breaking the bank. A contrasting throw at the foot of your bed, and a pile of pillows at the head is all you need to make your space feel more cozy.

bedroom throws pillows

Now would also be a great time to splurge for that new comforter or duvet you've been eyeing! I mean, you might as well, right? :-)

5. New lighting fixtures

Relatively inexpensively, and simply, you can swap out your old fixtures for some trendy new ones. If you don't currently have fixtures, consider adding some in above your bed, or above your nightstands. A subtle, dim lighting effect creates a romantic feel, and is also quite relaxing. Perfect after a long day.

BEdroom lighting large gold lion

How amazing does that Large Gold Lion Head look? The perfect POP of color on the white wall!.

6. Don't neglect your floor

Adding or changing an area rug can have a big impact, much like changing your comforter. Get creative with the pattern and texture, too! Who doesn’t want to wake up and have their feet step onto something soft? Maybe a shag rug? or even faux fur! Rugs are a great way to pull together a room. Even if your bedroom is carpeted, don't be afraid to add an area rug on top.

bedroom area rug abstract line art

Get that amazing Abstract Line wall art to finish it up!

7. Wall Art - the perfect finishing touch!

Artwork isn't necessarily something that you add only to community spaces where people frequently hang out and visit. Artwork has its place in your bedroom as well. It's a great finishing touch to your decor and you can be a little more personal with your art here as well. Whatever art you choose, make sure you love it, and it's calming and relaxing, like this abstract beach canvas.

Abstract beach canvas

8. Storage to minimize clutter so you can truly relax.

Bedrooms should be a calm place where you can treat to for some relaxation, so adequate storage is a must. Who can relax amidst clutter? Consider closet organizers, shelves, bookcases, woven or fabric storage bins and nesting baskets as options to keep miscellaneous items from becoming a mess. The key is to hide away so something with a door, or baskets on a shelf unit is perfect.

Bedroom organizer

9. Wall Hooks - An easy, space saving de-cluttering solution!

If you have limited space, or even just a bare section on a wall, consider adding in Decorative Wall Hooks to hang things like jewelry, scarves, hats, purses, etc. to help you stay organized. Hooks can be more than just an organizational tool, if you choose the right one! Something unique and eye-catching also serves as accent decor as well! Like these White Faux Antler Hooks (below).

White Faux Antler Hooks

Metal Wall Hooks are a great rustic addition to any bedroom! Need some ideas? Check these out!

10. Window Treatments. A great place to be creative with prints.

Curtains can add personality to a bedroom. They add something it’s lacking, whether that’s warmth, simplicity, or elegance. Choose a fun or bold print to make a statement. Or you can choose to colorblock and match your curtain color to your walls. In this case, add variation by playing with different shades and textures in the same color. Whichever you choose, the general rule here is that your bedroom windows should allow light in (when you want it) but also provide privacy. You can pair a sheer voile with a heavier fabric curtain or drape like velvet or a lined linen. Or add some blinds with your curtains. This is a great way to block out light when you're sleeping and give you some privacy, but also allow you to let the sun shine in when you want it!

Bedroom curtains deer skull


11. The right Decor Accents!

The final touch to your new bedroom makeover is the right accent decor. Whether your style is more farmhouse, modern, or coastal - all that hard work you put in needs to be finished off with the right accents! You can choose new styles since accents are easily switched out when you become tired of them, or if your taste changes. Need some ideas? Things like decorative lamps are great since they serve a purpose as well. Or, you can show off your love for animals and the great outdoors with faux taxidermy animal heads and skulls. They are super fun and unique and add tons of personality! Maybe some metal wall arrows or anchors to add some rustic charm and soften the vibe a bit?! However you decide to complete your space, make sure the accents you choose speak to you.

Home decor accents carved longhorn skull metal arrows

And there you have it! Hopefully we've given you some great ideas and you can begin to envision your re-decorated bedroom. Have fun and Happy Decorating!

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