Re-Design your Kids Space - 10 Fun & Functional Tips!

Creating a space for your child to grow and play can be fun, but it can also be daunting. Think about all there is to consider... color scheme, organization, room to play, fun and functional decor that can grow and transition easily with your child. Seems like a lot to consider. But, no worries - We have some tips to help you along the way, as well as some great decor that we think will work great in your kids room!

1. Keep your wall color neutral

Choosing a neutral wall color, and adding in pops of color is the way to go! Maybe your little girl wants a bright pink room... now! But in a few years will that still be the case? Perhaps choose a more neutral, lighter shade that will complement some bright pink throw pillows, stuffed animals, wall art, or comforter. Keep the large, tedious projects neutral and your easily changeable items can be bold!  That way you aren't repainting walls every year or so as your child's taste changes.

girls room - bedroom, pink

With a neutral wall color, adding hot pink and patterned throws and pillows makes this a desirable place for your kid to hang - and its easily changeable to adapt to her changing, growing style!

2. Patterns & Textures are Super Fun!

Adding textures and patterns are a great way to add some chic to your kids space. Textured and patterned wallpaper is a great way to do that. If you choose this route, be sure to pic something that works for a few stages of childhood - removing wallpaper can be tedious. Or choose to wallpaper only one wall as a focal point. Easier yet, find some removal sticker-type wallpaper that can be removed and replaced easily when you child feels like they need a more grown-up space. You can even choose to add a wood accent wall! Doesn't that look amazing? (below)

kids room -wood accent wall

3. Organization is a must!

Some built-ins, if the space allows for it, are always a great idea. If not, stacking cubes, bookshelves, floating wall shelves, or even a ladder shelf would be a great addition to your kids space to help keep them organized, and in style! You could even invest in a closet storage solution to keep things tidy.

kids room storage with deer head

Add in some fun faux taxidermy decor as well, like this mini white deer head (above) to finish off the look.

4. New Furniture

This is one that you really can't avoid. As your child grows, they need new furniture to fit their size and style. You might choose to forego the toddler bed since Jr. will only utilize it for a year or so. A full size bed is too big for your little, so we recommend the jump from crib to twin bed, then upgrade to full size at about preteen/early teen age. If you choose wisely at the start, your babies dresser and changing table can be utilized throughout all stages of their childhood. Choosing a neutral color in infancy, like white, or oak, can make matching new furniture as the need arises so much easier.

kids room new furniture dresser white

5. Wall Hooks are Fun and Functional!

Let's go back to organization for a moment. I mean, we are after all, talking about kids! :-) Decorative wall hooks are a great way to keep jackets, sweaters, purses, jewelry and other items off the floor and in their proper place. Since they are easily removable, you can go all out and choose cutesy ones for babies and toddlers, then swap them out for more sophisticated hooks as your child grows. These Fleur de Lis inspired hooks are a great solutions. Available in 4 colors to match any color scheme.

Blue 3 set hooks fleur de lis

6. Add a Creative space!

After all, little ones are always learning and should have a space to keep their minds busy. As your child grows to school age, they will need a study space as well. Add in a craft table or desk to give them a designated space to keep idle hands and minds busy.

kids room desk

For older children, click here for some great desk ideas!

7. A quiet space to read or relax

As adults, we know all too well what a hectic day does to us. Kids are no different and sometimes need an escape from the day. Consider a reading nook or cozy corner if the space allows for it. Someplace that your kids can call their own that gives them privacy and quiet to unwind. It doesn't have to be an expensive element - a tent or teepee with some cozy pillows is a great, welcomed addition, especially for smaller kids.

kids room reading quiet play space

8. Gallery wall for favorite photos or prints

A great way to display your fave family and friends photos, or your kids fave characters in their space is to create a gallery wall for them. As they grow you can easily swap out the pictures/photos. Maybe add in some floating shelves for more dimension. You can opt for colorful frames to make the wall POP, or pick a more neutral tone like wood or black.. the choice is yours!

kids room gallery wall

9. Area rugs are a great way to complete your new look!

Whether your kids space is carpeted or hard wood, an area rug completes the look! After all, if your kids room is hard wood, your little will enjoy the softness under their feet as they get out of bed, or spend hours on it playing or reading cuddles up with a blanket or throw pillows.

area rugkids room elephant faux taxidermy

You child will LOVE that white elephant head wall mount, too! Check it out here.

10. Add in bold, colorful design elements

With neutral wall color, your kids comforter, curtains, other textiles, and design elements should be bold and colorful! No kids wants a bland room - so don't be afraid to go bold here! Add in some string lights and fun, colorful light fixtures for a happy kid! Your child with Thank you! And will LOVE the new space you have created for them!

bold colorful design

Oh, and one more... WALL MIRRORS! A great addition to any kids room, especially during the teen years - it's a MUST!

bedroom wall mirror

And there you have it! 10 (actually 11) Fun & Functional tips to transform your kids space!

Happy Decorating!

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