10 Kitchen Design & Decor Ideas

Tired of your old kitchen? Don't want to deal with a messy makeover, or, let's face it.. if you're like many, you don't want to invest the funds. No problem! You can change the appearance in a big way with a few small changes. With a little work (and sometimes, very little) you can completely transform your space. Take a look and see for yourself!

1. Update your hardware for a quick and easy facelift

Hardware can completely change the look of your kitchen quickly and easily. Replace drawer and cabinet pulls for an new look that instantly updates your entire space. For a trendy change, black metal is always a hit, and adds a farmhouse touch. Or try a new shape, like square knobs. After all, the key here is change!

new kitchen hardware


2. A new wall color

Revamp your kitchen with a new color! A light color on the walls can instantly brighten your kitchen and make it look bigger and more expensive. Light colors reflect light and also hide things like scratches, dents, dings... you know, those unsightly signs that you live in your home, especially if you have kids. If you are blessed with a large kitchen, the color possibilities are endless... go bold, or dark, or even add in a wallpaper accent wall.

green kitchen wall

You could contrast the wall color by painting the cabinets white, gray or staining to keep the wood tones. Either way would look great! That reminds me...

3. Paint your cabinets

If your cabinets are still in good shape, opt for repainting them in a fun color like navy blue or green, or even white! White cabinets are trending big these days! It may be a little messy, but it's something you can surely do yourself without investing big money. If the faces are outdated and paint won't save them, but the structure of your cabinets is good, refacing them might be the answer for you. It's more costly than painting, but if you're ok with footing the bill, you won't be sorry.

repaint kitchen cabinets

This cobalt blue color is really trending for cabinets! Looks great, right?

To add, maybe it's time to replace your backplash tiles as well! Find some bold or colorful tiles to add a WOW factor!

4. New lighting

Add in, or swap out your old lighting fixtures for some new ones.. maybe some pendant lights. Chandeliers and pendant lights are the perfect accessory to not only brighten your kitchen but change the vibe of the space. The kitchen is, after all, the most utilized space in your home... so give it some love!

kitchen pendant lighting

5. Decor accents

The right decor accents help to finish off your space. Accents like baskets to keep your most utilized items handy, serving trays, floating shelves, etc.... all serve a great purpose in a kitchen. Other decor items like faux plants add a touch of earthiness you will love!

serving tray kitchen

The floating shelves in white (above) blend in nicely with the wall tile so as not to pull attention away from the decor elements on them. A great idea! In addition, a 3 tiered galvanized tray is a must have in any home. It serves many purposes... use it for deserts or fruits at a party or gathering, or plant herbs in it so they are handy for cooking! And best of all... it looks great and adds the perfect amount of rustic farmhouse to your kitchen.

6. More decor ideas

Don't be afraid to add some personality to your kitchen. Add some whimsical decor that will surely be a conversation piece.. like a giraffe paper towel holder. Not into giraffes? How about a cat, dog, dinosaur, elephant or octopus? Who says your kitchen can't be fun? Made of cast iron for durability as well as sturdiness,  these paper towel holders are a must have! Choose gold or rustic bronze for the perfect finishing touch.

bronze giraffe paper towel holder

7. Wall Hooks for organization and easy access

Wall Hooks are a great way to keep your dish towels, pot holders and mitts, etc at arms reach. There's nothing worse than having to rummage through a drawer to find a pot holder while rushing to take something out of the oven. And, you can organize in style with some cool decorative cast iron wall hooks.

3 set wall hooksThe aged gold fleur de lis inspired hooks above come in a set of 3, but you can hang them however you wish. Also available in bronze, white, and blue. Take a look at all of our decorative wall hooks here.

8. Window Treatments

With your newly painted walls and cabinets, new window treatments are a must! Choose something that compliments your wall color and adds some design and texture as well! You could go bold and choose colorful prints or patterns, or choose something more muted depending on the look you are going for. In this classic white kitchen (below), solid white valances cover part of the window but still allow plenty of light in, further adding to the brightness of this kitchen. You could also choose to hang blinds instead, maybe a natural wood tone?

window treatments kitchen

9. Have a breakfast nook? Don't forget to include it in your design as well.

This is a pretty easy one... typically all you need here is some pillows if you have bench seating or new chair covers. If you're handy with a stapler, consider reupholstering your chairs with some fun new fabrics. It's super easy! If your chairs are wood and old and dingy, give them a coat of paint. Or, you might want to remove the paint and add some stain, depending on your situation. Finish it off with a new centerpiece and you're all set!

breakfast nook

10. Don't forget the art!

Just because it's a kitchen doesn't mean you can't hang some art. Maybe you're into the farmhouse look and would like to add some wood wall signs or wall stickers to your space? Or perhaps some canvas pictures are more your style. Abstract, perhaps? Go for it! Hang what speaks to you and compliments your space. Don't be afraid to go big and bold. It will create the illusion of a bigger kitchen.

Abstract line art

There you have it! 10 quick and easy ways to give your kitchen a new look!

Happy Decorating! 

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