New Year, New Home! 7 Easy Ways to Update Your Home for 2020

Last Updated: April 16, 2020

New Year... New You... so why not a New Home? No, you don't have to start house hunting! Updating color schemes and even some decor accents in your home is all you need to create a Fresh New start to 2020!

Consider some of the following tips to help get you on your way to updating an outdated home!

Repaint! Try adding in some bold colors to a few rooms in your home. Stay away from the drab earth tone scheme. You certainly don't have to overhaul your entire house, just start incorporating some bolder. Adding pops of color makes a world of difference!

Mix & Match. Don't be afraid to mix metals! You don't have to decorate with all silver, or all bronze. Mix it up a bit! Add in a distressed bronze piece of arrow decor with silver frames on your gallery wall! It keeps things more interested and is more modern than using metals of the same color. Or, add some matte black accents with your brass or gold fixtures! Any metal will look great if it goes with your home’s overall style aesthetic and the rest of your decor.
mix metal decor

Wall Charmers Metal Decor

Bronze 3 Set Arrows

Gold Single Arrow

Bronze Anchor $20.99anchorwall decor

Skeleton Key
$20.99Skeleton keys

Here are a few more gorgeous rooms with mixed metals!

farmhouse decor, mix metal

famrhouse decor, mix metals, faux taxidermy

mix metals, bathroom decor mix metals, metal decor

Consider painting your wood trim. If natural or dark stained wood has adorned your home for years it might be time for a change. Paint your wood trim a bright white or antique white for a contrast to your newly BOLD painted walls! You will LOVE it! Promise!

Change your decor style altogether! Why not try adding in some faux taxidermy pieces, with some metal accents, some shabby chic distressed wood finishes and go Rustic Farmhouse? It's such a popular style that doesn't get old. Switch out your old mirrored closet doors (come on, admit it... you still have them in your bedroom!) with some rustic barn doors! Or how about your pantry door! It's so easy and looks amazing!

Speaking of Faux animal heads, check out these beauties! Faux Animal Head Wall Decor has become a popular trend in interior design. Folks love the idea of displaying beautiful creatures from nature, but don't always love, the "real thing"! These amazingly detailed pieces bring the beauty of nature into your home in a chic and animal friendly way!

Wall Charmers Faux Animal Decor

Mini Longhorn

Mini White Deer

Large Black Wolf
$71.24Wolf Faux Taxidermy decor

Large Gold Lion
$89.99Large Lion Head Faux Taxidermy

Faux Taxidermy

 Check out this AMAZING Farmhouse Kitchen!

@blessedonbluefinch did a fabulous job adding depth and dimension to this kitchen wall with the addition of Wall Charmers Faux Longhorn Skull as well as the other fabulous Farmhouse finds! LOVE the wood Farm Fresh sign and rustic wood furniture which pair perfectly with the other wall decor and knick knacks! She hit the nail right on the head when it comes to Farmhouse design!



You don't have to be into Farmhouse decor to adorn a Faux Animal decor piece in your home! Fake animal heads and skulls can add dramatic elegance to your room as well. Hung as a centerpiece above your fireplace draws the eye in and makes for a great conversation piece!



Update your door hardware and light fixtures. These are details that often go overlooked. Changing out your dated track lighting for some beautiful pendant lights or switching your bronze door handles for some matte black ones can change the look of your home in a dramatic way!

Use textured pieces and layering to add dimension to your decor! It's those small details that give your room its personality! Add a vignette on the coffee table, a fluffy throw or pillow on the sofa or bed. Incorporate some burlap, jute or silk as well. Choose colors or patterns that compliment the rest of your decor and you have just made a HUGE impact with such a simple change.

  Redo your gallery wall. Replace those tired old frames with some new ones. Again, mixing and matching is key here! (Ooh, a KEY... great idea! More on that later). Add some black frames with some metals, some thick, some thin... don't be afraid to mix it up! And while you're at it, rearrange as well! Go random with your layout! Throw in some other decor items as well! Like one of our Cast Iron Skeleton Keys! Doesn't this look amazing? It fills in the blank space in between the pictures without overcrowding!

Bronze Skeleton Key

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