Hug your Cat Day

June 4 is the day set aside each year to “hug your cat”, although those people that are currently owned by a cat do not need a special day to hug their precious ball of fur.  However, this annual event was started to bring awareness to the numerous homeless cats and the need for loving homes for these wonderfully playful and naturally calming-effect animals.

In addition to bringing companionship and unconditional love to the home, cats have been scientifically proven to bring health benefits to humans.  The purr of a cat, which ranges between 20 and 140 Hertz, has been proven to reduce stress, minimize pain, heal broken bones quicker, and also increase the bone density of elderly people.  Also, in a current study conducted by the Mayo Clinic for Sleep, more than 40 percent of cat owners indicated that they sleep better because of their pet.

Did you know that young children (under the age of 12 months old), who were exposed to cats, are less likely to develop allergy symptoms? According to Dr. Marshall Plaut of the National Institute of Health, children exposed to cats are not only less likely to be allergic to pets, but are also less likely to be allergic to environmental allergens, such as grass, ragweed, and dust.

Understanding the importance of cats is not a new concept, early Egyptian society worshipped cats, as they were (and still are) a symbol of poise and grace.

You don’t need to own a cat to celebrate this day, because you can volunteer at your local pet shelter.  This way you can hug a cat or two and even a few dogs, that currently do not have loving homes of their own.

Another great way to celebration National Hug Your Cat Day is to consider having a cat hug-a-bottle with a Faux Cat Resin Wine Bottle Holder.  Wall Charmers has several animal wine bottle holders, including elephants, unicorns, and a variety of dog breeds (German Shephards and Terriers, for example).  There are also solid gray and red colored cats, but the Calico Faux Cat Resin Wine Bottle Holder is my personal favorite. 

Each rack will hold one standard-sized bottle of wine (not included). This great kitty measures 6.5 inches tall and 9.5 inches long, and should be proudly displayed on the countertop or the center of the dining room table for all to admire. This hand-painted fine poly-resin playful kitten makes the perfect gift for anyone on any occasion, because it will also be willing to hold other types of bottles, such as a bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

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