Special Yet Simple Mother’s Day Gifts

Mothers are amazing people, and there are more than 90 million mothers currently in the United States. Mother’s Day is the third most popular holiday in the world (with Christmas and Easter holding the first and second spots). Mother’s Day, in the United States is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, in the United Kingdom; they refer to this special day to “Mother’s Sunday”. In Spain, as well as Portugal, December 8th is a day set aside to honor the Virgin Mary, as well as individual mothers. According to ancient Greek mythology, the Goddess Cybele, who personified Mother Earth and Rhea, the mother of the Gods were celebrated and honored in the same way we do today with our own mothers.


Being a mother is not a 9 to 5 job, you are on duty 24/7, and it goes without saying that you are loved and appreciated. It has been reported by the National Retail Federation, that there is more than 22 billion dollars spent on gifts to honor your precious mom. Although store bought cards, flowers, and jewelry are nice gifts that will be appreciated, ultimately mom’s want to feel special. Offering something from the heart is a great way to show your mom how very unique she is as an individual and to show her how special she is to you. Below are a few do-it-yourself gift ideas that will help your mom feel honored today and always.



I love you – let me count the ways


This is a great way to write down the reasons that you love and appreciate mom. This is a gift that she will treasure always. All you will need is some cardstock, a hole punch, and ring binder.



Secret Stash


Moms do so much for everyone else, and that is why this gift of a private stash of all her favorite goodies is just for her! To get started all you need is a plastic organizer box (found where craft supplies are sold), and some items to decorate the box (ribbon for instance). Fill the compartment with mom’s favorite hard candies and/or chocolates. She will love it!



Picture board


Mom’s hold memories close to her heart, which is why a homemade picture board marking special memories you shared together will be extra special to your mom. This is something she will be able to look at whenever she wants to feel connected to you. This could be a time that you shared on a vacation, a special party, or a day at the spa where you simply enjoyed each other’s company.





The sense of smell is a strong motivator – just walk into a bakery shop! With all the essential oils currently on the market, it is easy to create a special scent just for mom. Tap into your creative side and make some personalized aromatherapy body spray, body scrub, and bath salts for your mom.



The Great Outdoors


Although you may have to dig a little deeper into your wallet for this gift idea, we are sure mom will love it, if she loves the outdoors. A unique gift suggestion is an investment in a national park pass for her. Even better, this is something the whole family can enjoy. This gift of nature and exercise is something that will keep on giving for years to come, and the memories that will be created are priceless.


Better yet, bring the elegant combination of design, art, and animals with White Faux Taxidermy. You can choose from deer, moose, zebra, unicorn, cow heads and more. These modern works of art are custom painted to your specifications. Something any mother would love!

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