Top 5 Easy Modern Farmhouse Tips to Transform Your Home (Without Breaking the Bank)

Modern Farmhouse decor takes the comfortable, relaxed farmhouse style of the past, and adds modern touches and accents. It's less rustic, more sophisticated and uses contemporary design elements like stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and sleek lighting.

With a few simple additions, can transform your home dramatically!

Be practical: Furnishings and accessories should be comfortable and practical and welcoming when you enter the room. The room should look like it evolved over time.

Be neutral: Your color palette should be neutral and make the room appear fresh and open. Consider cool or warm neutrals such as cream, beige, silver and gray balance natural elements. Keep patterns simple and contemporary and add a variety of textures. This will add depth to the neutral color scheme.

Mix and match: Mix and match furniture, incorporating vintage for it's character, and new for added comfort and style.

Be natural: Stick to natural materials as much as possible. Continue in the tradition of classic farmhouse by introducing distressed wood in architectural features or furniture, but also use natural elements, such as cotton, rattan and wicker, and, of course, natural stone.

Minimal is best: You want to create a cozy, un-cluttered, room, so accessorize... but keep it to a minimum.

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Some other ideas! ...

Incorporate Metal Decor

Nothing personifies farmhouse style like wood furniture, but be all-natural wood interior can easily become overwhelming and transform your decor to more of an Arts and Crafts vibe. So, in addition to your wood decor, add some contemporary touches like metal wall hangings or decor... or hang light fixtures made of steel or iron. This will draw the eye upward without overpowering a neutral color scheme.

Animal Wall Art

Walls adorned with animal art, whether it be paintings or wall mounted animal heads or skulls, will take you back to the natural beauty of farmhouse living. A great way to add some dimension and flair to your gallery wall or even your bedroom! It makes a great conversation piece and is a simple, cost effective way to add a touch of modern farmhouse decor to your home!

Open Slat Designs

Combining form and function, slat back chairs and other open-concept furniture designs are the most symbolic of the modern farmhouse style.


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