Wall Charmers Decor featured in the Observer!

Last Updated: April 16, 2020

We are so proud to announce that our Wall Charmers Decor was featured in the Observer for the best presents for the displaced Southern Belle article! They chose our Nile Faux Alligator head for their feature and we agreed that it was a perfect addition to it!

Our Faux Alligator Heads are a really popular piece of aquatic and sea decor.

You can check out our feature in the Observer's Best Presents for the Displaced Southern Belle here!

We love their blog and our Nile Faux Alligator Head in Lavender is such a perfect addition! You can also shop all of our Faux Alligator Heads here! 

The Nile Faux Alligator wall mount showcases the beauty of The Nile Crocodile and American Alligator in raw detail. Alligators make their home in freshwater, while Crocodiles make their home in saltwater.  This will definitely be a conversation piece. Our faux animal pieces are a great way to decorate your home, nursery, or child's room with nature in a chic and animal-friendly way!

As always, please email us at info@wallcharmers.com or through our contact us page for a color you don't see on the website. We can make any of our Faux Animal Heads in over 22 different colors and glitters and can even customize different colored teeth and head for the Faux Alligator such as a Lavender head and gold teeth.

Also, check out our popular Faux Deer Heads!

Our Wall Charmers™ are more than just Faux Animal Heads. Each animal sculpture is custom made with love and meticulously hand-painted to the finest detail in Chandler, Arizona. Our artists use only the highest quality of paints to ensure each animal head stands out as it would in nature. Our resin animal heads are only cast in eco-friendly poly-resin with the lowest environmental impact. Browse our large variety of animals ranging from our iconic Deer Head, the majestic Moose Head, the magical Unicorn, and many more. 

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