Wall Charmers Decor featured on Black Southern Belle Blog!

Wall Charmers Faux Taxidermy was featured on the Black Southern Belle! The article was titled "5 tips to style a Wall Charmers on a Gallery Wall" and you can check the article out here! We always try to figure out the best way to design those beautiful gallery walls, they always look so beautiful but are so hard to make! This article walks you through all of the steps from style, to dimension, to color and more!

White faux Lion HeadThe article featured our Large White Faux Lion Head, our Mini Gold Faux Lion Head, our Black Faux Horse Head Wall Hanging, and our Mini White Faux Elephant Head. These are all great works of art that will transform any room into a beautiful gallery.

Be sure to browse our site as we offer a variety of other items including Faux Lion Heads, Faux Horse Heads, Faux Elephant heads, and much more. You can use these beautiful artistic pieces to customize the look and feel of any room. You are only limited by your imagination!

Go on over and have a look on how to plan and design your perfect gallery wall! After you make yours, please share your pictures with us @WallCharmers on Instagram or through info@wallcharmers.com by email!

Be sure to also check out our popular Faux Deer Heads, and Faux Moose Heads!

As always, please email us at info@wallcharmers.com or through our contact us page for a color you don't see on the website. We can make any of our Faux Animal Heads in over 22 different colors and glitters and can even customize different colored teeth and head for the Faux Alligator such as a Lavender head and gold teeth.



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