20 Best Farmhouse Decor Accents for your Home

Last Updated: April 16, 2020

We simply never tire of beautiful rustic, farmhouse decor. After all, this style suits any home whether you live in the country or the city! The only requirement is that you appreciate modern and rustic decor ideas!

Farmhouse Bedroom Decor

We are here to help you take your love of rustic, farmhouse style to a whole other level with some decorating ideas for your home. From farmhouse style kitchens to living room, bedroom and even bathroom decor ideas, we have selected our top 10 farmhouse decor accents to help you on your way to achieving the rustic, farmhouse look you desire!

Take a look at some of our favorites!

Farmhouse clock

Farmhouse Arrow decorFarmhouse decor accents

 Farmhouse wall

Check out this AMAZING entry way Gallery wall!

This horse lover (clearly) loves rustic decor and has incorporated the perfect metal wall accents with their wood decor items.

The wood and metal wall hooks are rustic and beautiful as well as functional to keep the area organized.

Add in some comfy throw pillows with different textures and this look can be yours, too!

The jute rug completes the look!


Clock  24"

Farmhouse Clock 30"

Distressed 3-Set Arrows 15"
$20.993 Set Arrow wall decor

Gold 3-Set Arrows 15"
$20.993 Set Arrow wall decor


Adding the perfect faux taxidermy piece to your decor is sure to be a HUGE attention grabber and makes for a great conversation piece! Why not bring the outdoors in? Faux animal decor does this in a chic and animal friendly way!

Faux taxidermy deer skull wall mount


Some great, cheap and easy ideas for your Kitchen!

Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen


And how about some bathroom decor ideas that hit the Rustic Farmhouse vibe?

Farmhouse bathroom Farmhouse Bathroom 


Clock  18"

White + Gold Deer Skull 21"

Distressed Single Arrow 18"
$15.993 Set Arrow wall decor

Rustic Skeleton Key 14"
$20.99Distressed Bronze Skeleton Key


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