7 Bold & Beautiful Faux Taxidermy Decor Accents

7 bold and beautiful faux taxidermy decor accents

Maybe it's not your first thought for home decor... but why not? First, the basics... what is it? Well, simply put... it's taxidermy, that's fake! Gone are the days of admiring your Grandpa's prized buck above the mantel, because... well.. some find it a little creepy. After all, animals are beautiful creatures from the great outdoors that we all love and admire. Why not admire the next best thing? Faux, beautifully detailed replicas of your favorite animal possess all the charm and none of the harm. And if you are someone who admires taxidermy, it's faux counterpart can still be a great addition to your home!

Last Updated: August 6, 2020

A few years back, it seemed like a trend that might die off over time. But I'm happy to say that this decor trend is showing no sign of going anywhere!

Faux taxidermy allows for more creative freedom than the real deal. Because of this, it can take on many forms, from plush or knit stuffed animal wall mounts, patterned paper taxidermy, to DIY cardboard taxidermy where you can add your own creative twist (so fun!). Our personal fave is our poly-resin faux pieces, where you can enjoy a whole lot more detail for a truly detailed, beautiful addition to your home!

Take a look at some of our favorites!

1. White Deer Head

Faux Taxidermy Deer Head wall mount

Available in Large and Mini, this faux deer head wall mount is so amazingly detailed that it stands out as the focal point in your room, where ever you choose to hang it.

Decorative animal heads are 100% animal friendly add a cozy rustic touch to any space. Best of all, faux taxidermy blends with all interior styles, from rustic and industrial to shabby chic and mid-century modern. You can introduce one with your artwork, pictures, photos, etc to add depth to your decor. But our fave place for one of these beauties is on your gallery wall.

Large Faux Deer headmini deer head wall decor 


2. Deer Skull

If you love the deer head above, but need a bit more rustic in your life... take a look at this! You really need to see this in person to see just how truly detailed this piece is.. but take a look at the pic below!

deer skull

Can you see it? Hung above your mantle? Available in Large or Mini, this skull is truly eye-catching! Made from eco-friendly poly resin (just like all of our Wall Charmers) so it's animal and environmentally friendly.

The deer skull is a bit more boho chic than it's deer head counterpart, adding more of a rustic feel to your home. The gold antlers contrast beautifully with the white skull. Painted in white and gold gives you the ability to add to any color scheme in your home while adding a hint of elegance. I mean, after all... there isn't much that doesn't go with white and gold! Am I right?

large deer skullmini deer skull

For a more rustic look, be sure to check out our natural deer skulls. Same beautiful skulls, Au Natural!


3. Longhorn Cow Skull

This piece is rustic, classy, and adds a hint of south west to your decor! Oh, and it's gorgeous!

Longhorn skull

Bold enough to stand on its own, or add to a gallery or among other decor items!

longhorn skull gallery wall



With this faux longhorn skull, there is no need to stick with the traditional layout for your gallery wall. Notice how the frames, are consistent but the pattern in which the frames are aligned is not. And the skull placed among the frames immediately draws the eye!

It's simple white and gold colors, as with the other items we mentioned above, blend well in any decor, any color scheme. The gold is an accent while the white will pair well with a neutral colored wall or even a bold, dark colored wall.



Choose the one that best fits within your space!

large longhorn skullmini longhorn skull


carved longhorn skull
If you're looking for something with a little more detail, check out our carved longhorn cow skull and carved steer skull.

The detail in these 2 are just as amazing as the longhorn skull, but with much more detail and creativity!

Just the stylish accent that your wall needs!


4. Lion Heads

If your room needs a little more ROAR (sorry, I had to!) ... these magnificent, majestic creatures need no introduction. But still, they will get one here. Besides their beauty and overall amazing appearance, the lion is a symbol of strength and courage. So it stands to reason that one might want to embrace this and hang it front and center for all to see! What's more, their masculine appeal is balanced by their grace and regal elegance, which creates the perfect combination to add just the right amount of unique and exotic flavor to your space.

mini gold lion

Available in mini gold and mini white...

mini gold lionmini white lion

large gold lion

And for a larger presence, our Large Gold Lion.

All 3 are perfect for kids rooms, playrooms, living room, entryway, office.... basically anywhere you want to admire one of these gorgeous pieces of art.

You will LOVE the detail in all 3! And our guests will as well!

5.  Wolves, anyone?

Such a great way to show your love for the outdoors! But a lot of times this animal (as well as deer and moose) could add an unwanted (or wanted.... it's your preference) "cabin" feel. It doesn't have to! Adding a black wolf head to your wall can be a very modern touch, when added with other modern elements.

wolf head gallery wall

Do you see what I mean? Nothing about this living room screams "cabin"! This is all modern... all day! The clean lines and contemporary style here are only enhanced by the 3D wolf head hung on the wall adding a pop of dimension.

Large Black Wolf Wall Decormini black wolf

6. Elephant wall decor

mini elephantWhat's not to love about elephants? Elephants are traditionally considered a symbol of good luck, wisdom, fertility, and protection. Aside from that, they are beautiful creatures! Our mini faux taxidermy elephant head was designed so you can enjoy the beauty and grandeur of the African Elephant in an animal-friendly way. This Faux piece is perfect for adding dimension and POP into your nursery decor or child's room, or any room you choose!


Wouldn't your child LOVE this? Add a frame around it, or not... it's up to you! Either way, this little guy adds a whimsical touch to this child's room. mini elephant

7. And last but not least.... Darwin, your friendly neighborhood lifesized human skull buddy!

OK, so I guess this one might not fall under the faux taxidermy category, but... it's faux, and it's a skull... and it's super awesome and life-like. So real looking your friends might actually think it's real. That would be weird though.

human skull

Imagine how great this would look on your desk. Your high school, college student, or, you (you know you want one) would never have to study or work alone again!

human skull

Also, great for some spooky Halloween decor, or just to add a touch of goth to your space. The 360 degree detail is stunning! Click here for more details.

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