Design Tips for the Perfect Gallery Wall!

Whether you have just a few pieces you would like to display, or an entire wall or hallway of family photos, creating the perfect gallery wall can be easy and cost effective. Check out some great ideas below for achieving the perfect look for your space!

1. Start with the art

To create the appearance that your gallery wall was assembled over time, combine new and vintage prints and paintings. Visit our local flea market for some great finds! For a more modern look, choose artwork that is all within the same color palette, or choose pieces that are the same size that are from a single collection or have the same theme.

2. Tie it all in Together

Keep your frames consistent and get them all in the same color. Add a few light-color wood frames to mix it up a bit if you are going for an eclectic look.

3. Plan Ahead

Before hanging anything, lay your framed art on the floor, and rearrange to best fit your space. Be sure to take a pic of the final arrangement to refer to when hanging the art on the wall.

5: Hang frames with uniform spacing

Leave the same amount of space between frames so that the installation doesn’t appear messy. 2 inches is always a good starting point. Too much space or uneven space between frames can make the arrangement look unprofessional.

6. Work from the bottom up

Hang a bottom piece first. If you’re creating a gallery above the sofa, start about 6 inches above the back edge. Building from the lowest row allows you to expand your gallery wall up and out without running out of space.

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Some other great design tips:

Choose paintings in black and white as your main focal point, and add elements of color to add a POP to your Gallery Wall!

3D art
is a great way to add some interest to a space in your home or create a focal point. It can be mixed in with more traditional 2-D art pieces or featured all on its own, it's all up to your personal preference. Try adding in some items made of metal to add a bit of industrial flair.

Faux taxidermy wall mounts
add depth to your otherwise flat wall. Try adding a faux antelope, elephant, or deer for a 3D focal point that will surely make a statement!

Do you have a HUGE empty wall you'd like to fill? Oversized artwork can be costly and hard to find. Try adding some framed wallpaper to the space! It's easy, less costly, and can add texture to an otherwise blank space. You can hang 1 piece, or several either vertically or horizontally, and then create a frame around it with painted wooden trim from the hardware store. Read more.

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