The Do's & Don'ts of Home Decor

Updated: April 16, 2020

Avoiding common decorating mistakes can make all the difference!

You want your home to make a statement...the RIGHT statement! So consider the tips below when decorating your home.

Think Subtle when theme decorating.

All too often "theme" decorating goes horribly wrong and can come off looking tacky or overdone. Your theme, whether it's beach style, farmhouse or medieval, should be in the background. It should not be the entire focus of your room. Your theme should come through subtly as you look around the room. For instance, you rented a fabulous beach house last summer while on vacation and you are inspired to create a beachy, nautical themed look in your bedroom. Consider choosing a sand colored paint for your walls and use accents of blues and whites for your window treatments. Add pops of coral and turquoise for your pillows. A well placed decor accent, like a cast iron anchor wall mount or refreshing ocean painting, adds a little extra touch of "beach". Not one particular item in the room should scream "beach" but rather, all of the elements combined will create the beach theme you are looking for. If you are going for a touch of medieval, this dragon head wall mount adds a nice touch!

Use whites if you have kids or pets

White upholstery or rugs are a No No if you have kids or pets. Sure, it looks modern and clean, but there is nothing worse than a huge grape juice stain, or muddy paw prints in the middle of your beautiful white rug. UGHH!!! Don't create an environment that you constantly have to deep clean to keep it looking fabulous. You want to enjoy your room, not have to steer clear of it.


Use dramatic colors in a small space

Bold, dramatic colors are best used in small spaces as you pass through. A dramatic color in a room where you will be spending a lot of time might feel too heavy or dark, but if you use it in a room you pass through, like a foyer or hallway, or even a pantry, it makes the whole house feel more colorful. It also creates the illusion of a bigger house because it turns a space you wouldn't typically notice into one that catches your eye. So, go ahead, add that pop of color!


Don't forget about seating

Make sure you have enough seating...especially in your living and dining rooms. There is nothing worse than having a gathering and having folks standing around leaning on the walls because there isn't enough seating. You want your friends to be talking about the great party you had, not how their legs hurt from standing all night. If you don't have a large enough space for extra or large furniture, consider an ottoman instead of a coffee table to add some extra seating to a smaller space. Some colorful floor cushions serve a great purpose too!

Do - Test paint!!! Always!

If you are thinking of repainting a room in your home, make sure you paint a  big enough section of the wall so that you can really get the feel for the color. Hanging the paint swatch on the wall is NOT enough! There's nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on a few gallons of paint (or even more hiring a professional), and spending days painting, only to find out that the color is not what you intended and you absolutely hate it!


Hang artwork too high

People have a tendency to hang artwork closer to the ceiling then it should be. Instead, hang your artwork closer to eye level so it can admired as you pass by. The same goes for other wall decor. Chances are, you hung that cast iron skeleton key or faux deer head on your gallery wall because you wanted to admire it. Placing it too high defeats that purpose.

Add an interesting accent piece

The room you will spend most of your time in, and also entertaining in, needs an accent piece that draws attention. Whether it's an accent piece over a fireplace or an addition to a gallery wall to make it POP, do add something to add character to your home. Consider a faux taxidermy piece like a fake deer head. It will surely make a statement! Large white bison head faux taxidermy

Don't over do it.

Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Too much furniture in a room can make you feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed. It's unwelcoming to both you and your guests. Instead, consider the size of your room and choose the best pieces for the amount of space you have. You should have enough room to move freely. Be sure to arrange your furniture to create a natural flow in your home. The same goes for your decor... A few great accent pieces are all you need to complete your design. Consider adding a longhorn skull or other Faux Taxidermy Decor to the mix to add a touch of rustic without being too overwhelming.
Longhorn cow skull

Don't be too square

Symmetry creates a sense of calm and order to things..which is what you want for your home...but don't over do it. Too much order makes the room feel fixed, or passive. And you don't want that! Don't be afraid to shake things up! If your furniture is arranged symmetrically, hang wall art in a more free form manner, or vice versa. Being organized is great, but arranging your home in a manner that is too organized gives off the wrong vibe.


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