Introduction to Farmhouse Decor. What is it?

Updated: April 16, 2020

Do you ever wonder about different design styles? Like, how they came about and what their key features are?

Maybe you haven't thought about it, but want to spruce up your home with a different look and you need some inspiration?

Ever since Chip and Joanna Gaines' hit show Fixer Upper, I've been curious. I mean, who hasn't, right? Their design styles were so different and rustic than what I was used to, but also modern and elegant. So, I started researching the Farmhouse style and what it is actually about.

 What is Farmhouse Style Decor?

Classic farmhouse is cozy without being cluttered. It's similar to country style, but  while country tends to lean a little towards "showy" and sometimes "overdone", farmhouse design is more about simplicity while maintaining a certain level of sophistication. So, for a classic farmhouse look, minimize and don't over do it with your decor accents.

Farmhouse style is often associated with the refreshing simplicity of the Midwest, but your geographic location doesn't have to limit your love for this trending look. It's all about combining different elements together without overdoing it. Wide plank floors, big, comfortable furniture, farmhouse patterns, cozy throws and pillows, wrought iron and cast iron design elements... all key parts of achieving the perfect Farmhouse look in your home.

Farmhouse interior design is the perfect balance of old and new, blending rustic simplicity with modern sophistication for a cozy feel. Check out the sunroom in the picture above. Not overly farmhouse, but subtle touches of the design style. Introducing different fabrics and textures, rustic wood elements, even a touch of faux taxidermy, created the perfect farmhouse space.

Not sure how to create it? Take a look at some simple design tips below.

Choose the right colors

That's always the hardest part of designing your home, right? What colors should I choose? For a farmhouse look, your main colors should be lighter shades of neutrals and pastels. Simple. You want to layer that with more earthy colors to capture the traditional farmhouse feel. Then introduce more natural looking color with flowers, throw blankets, pillows, and accents. This keeps the space feeling clean and fresh.

The Key to Farmhouse is Wood

Look for weathered, barn, or reclaimed wood to capture the rustic feel of farmhouse design. Mix and match woods to create a space that feels like it’s been carefully put together over time. Maybe add a rustic wood ladder to hang your favorite throw. And Shiplap! Who doesn't love shiplap! Adding shiplap, even a small amount, to a focal wall can make all the difference when trying to capture the farmhouse feel in your home. I know what you're thinking? How do I balance all that wood with other elements? ...

Tying it all in with the right accents

Distressed metal, concrete, or white subway tile adds a touch of industrial flair, while fabrics like linen, cotton and jute contribute to the simple vibe of farmhouse spaces.

Remember, Farmhouse decorating is all about relaxed and comfortable patterns including stripes and florals, plus touches you’d see down on the farm (yes, I said!) so think birds, gingham, maybe a faux deer skull or faux cow skull, vintage signs, or rustic metal arrow decor, to add an accent to your wall.

As you can see here, @blessonbluefinch captured the perfect farmhouse look in her kitchen with a rustic wood piece to display her beautiful dishes and books and that fabulous antique clock! She incorporated florals and gingham patterns in a subtle way while keeping her wall color soft and neutral.The wood sign is the perfect touch and the longhorn cow skull adds an extra POP to her wall! And don't you just love the old mailbox she used to hang her coffee mugs?! What a great idea!

Set the tone for your space with eye-catching, modern light fixtures, or exposed bulbs with an industrial feel. Take a trip to your local flea market or visit yard sales to find antique items and modern accents to keep your space feeling homey and comfortable. You might be surprised at what you find!


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