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Wall Charmers Faux Taxidermy and White Faux Taxidermy featured in Caravan Girl

We loved The Caravan Girl's feature of our White Faux Taxidermy Mini Faux Elephant head! In the post, she talks about her love for animals, buying faux, and described Wall Charmers Faux Taxidermy as Magical, and of course we agree!

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Wall Charmers Faux Taxidermy Featured in the San Tan Sun newspaper

Wall Charmers was featured in the San Tan Sun Newspaper! The article discusses all facets of Wall Charmers, from the founders meeting, how the business has grown, and their love and passion for animals, nature, and home decor. The San Tan Sun featured our White Faux Taxidermy products...

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Wall Charmers Faux Taxidermy competed in MPEXA

On December 9th, Wall Charmers Faux Taxidermy competed in the Metro Phoenix Export Alliance's Export Challenge as one of ten finalists for up to $50K in prize money.  You can see all of the companies (and winners) that entered here! Although Wall Charmers didn't place in the competition, it was still a lot of fun!

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