The 10 Best Floating Wall Shelves For Your Space

10 best floating wall shelves for your space

If you can't decide what to do with a blank wall, consider the new and trending Floating Wall Shelf! Floating shelves have quickly become an essential decor item. Naturally so, because they can increase the aesthetics of your home if done correctly. A beautifully decorated floating shelf will do wonders at highlighting your living space.  For instance, making the most of a little nook in the hallway, floating shelves can be hung to display favorite books, art, tchotchkes or anything other small item you would like to display. So, if you happen to have some dead space at the end of your hallway, consider adding some floating shelves. 

Last Updated: Nov. 22, 2020

1. 4 - Tier Geometric Metal Floating Wall Shelves

Made of both wood and metal, these are a great rustic, farmhouse, and even industrial decor accent!

4-Tier Geometric Metal Floating Wall Shelves

This floating shelf is a definite fave! It can be mounted flat on your wall (left) as well as in a corner (right) to utilize otherwise dead spaces! It's all in how you mount the shelves. Pretty neat, right? The dark wood and metal are a nice compliment to any rustic, farmhouse or even modern decor theme.

2. 3-Tier Diamond Metal Floating Wall Shelves

Here's another wood/metal combo for you! 

3-Tier Geometric Metal Floating Wall Shelves

The wood/metal combination really POPS and is the perfect wall accent. Plus, it also serves a purpose!  Made of reclaimed Stained wood & galvanized steel brackets for the perfect rustic shelving accent. Side note: Bring some nature into your space with a houseplant, whether fake or, if you have a green thumb, real! Doesn't it look great with the rustic floating shelf?

3. 3-Tier Round Metal Floating Wall Shelves

Continuing on the same path of wood and metal shelving, these shelves are like the diamond shaped shelves above in that they are made of reclaimed stained wood & galvanized steel for a sturdy, rustic accent piece.

3-Tier Round Metal Floating Wall Shelves

At 20" round, it's the perfect size to add as a standalone piece to a smaller wall, or incorporate with other decor pieces on a larger wall space. It's a great addition to your gallery wall, too!

Design Tip
It's a great rule of thumb to try to remain mostly neutral with your accent colors when decorating your shelves. Then, add in minimal amounts of color to make it pop! If you are someone who loves lots of color, select 3 to 5 colors for items on your floating shelves and try your best to stick with those colors when decorating.

4. Wooden Hexagon Floating Wall Shelf

For a fun accent... 

Wooden Hexagon Floating Wall Shelf

These hexagon, honeycomb, shaped shelves are certainly that! Super fun and versatile. You can arrange the shelves however you wish to best fit in your space! Available in 3 different sizes depending on your need, these shelves are handcrafted in the US from Northern Pine. And the wood is unfinished for a natural wood look, or it's ready for the stain or paint of your choice! These are great for small items like candles, a cactus or other small potted plant, anything you wish! Tip: Add above your coffee bar to store (and display) your favorite mugs, k-cups, sugar, etc. Great idea, right? You're welcome. :-)

5. Set of 2 White Wooden Floating Shelves

Hanging, floating shelves are definitely a unique accent! Like these...

Set of 2 White Wooden Floating Shelves

Add in line or staggered, add 2, or 4, or more if your wall space allows!  These floating wall shelves are more cosmetic than the others already mentioned, for sure! But the unique hanging rope design adds interest to your wall, without question. Made with natural fir wood and whitewashed, they come with 3 different colors of hanging rings included (black, gold, and silver) to help coordinate with your color scheme.

Another random Design Tip - I've heard this question all too often... How high should I hang my shelves? When we're talking about floating shelves since they are more of a decor accent than a storage solution, like artwork, shelves should be hung at about eye level or about 4 to 5 feet from the floor. If you're hanging the shelf above furniture, measure about 10 inches from the top of the desk or couch. 

Moving along...

6. Farmhouse Floating Wall Shelf

These shelves are a great addition to any rustic, farmhouse home!

Farmhouse Floating Wall Shelf

Great for pantry, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom... any farmhouse decorated space. But they also combine nicely with other decor themes. Just because they are rustic doesn't mean they can't be used in more modern homes as well. Modern decor lends itself to clean lines and geometric shapes, and these thick rectangular shelves would be a perfect fit! These shelves come in a multitude of colors, including dark espresso and walnut, as well as the more rustic, weathered gray, weathered wood, and distressed white.

Design Tip: Stack floating shelves above the toilet in the bathroom to store extra toilet paper rolls, face cloths and other bathroom essentials. Liven them up with a faux plant, candles or other decor accents to make the perfect statement. The Farmhouse Floating Shelves above would be perfect for this!

7. Set of 2 Small Hanging Floating Wall Shelf

More hanging, floating shelves that made the top 10!

Set of 2 Small Hanging Floating Wall Shelf

Simple, yet modern, these hanging, floating shelves add a beautiful design element to any wall. They come as a set of 2, with 3 different rope colors to choose from so you can match your current color scheme. They really are perfect for any room! Add a small plant, candle or other small items!

8. Set of 2 Triangular Floating Shelf

Another set that's great for rustic, modern, virtually any decor style!

Set of 2 Triangular Floating Shelf

Why settle for a boring accent when you can make a BOLD one?! These come as a set of 2 so to replicate the pattern above you would need to order multiple, but, what a unique wall accent, right? These come in 6 different colors so you can mix and match or stick with one color... the skies the limit with these shelves!  Great for kids rooms, nurseries, and playrooms! 

9. Set of 3 Metal & Wood Floating Wall Shelves

More metal and wood shelves. These are great because they can be mounted a few different ways depending on your style.

Set of 3 Metal & Wood Floating Wall Shelves

Made from solid Paulownia Wood and Iron, these shelves go great in any rustic, farmhouse setting. After all, farmhouse design is very much based on rustic wood elements as well as metal. But these would also fit well in a more modern home, too. Take a look above at the many ways they can be mounted to add creativity, or added function to your space.

10. Set of 2 Rustic Wood Floating Wall Shelves

Full disclosure, I have these in my bathroom so I'm a little biased here...

Set of 2 Rustic Wood Floating Wall Shelves

These shelves are functional, and beautiful! Perfect for bathroom use for makeup, shampoo, etc... even a bar to hang a towel! They work great in the kitchen too, for frequently used spices and sauces to keep them accessible and within reach. They hold up to 30 lbs. Function doesn't have to take the place of style... you can have both! Made from 100% Natural solid pine, these shelves come in multiple colors for you to choose from and are handmade made and detailed to be a perfect modern & simple wooden floating wall shelf to fit any room! 

Another Design Tip:  When decorating your floating shelves, balance smaller pieces with larger accents. If you have too many smaller decor pieces your shelves will end up looking cluttered which isn't at all what you want. By adding in some larger pieces, you fill space without looking too cluttered. 

And there you have it! Our top 10! Which ones would look great in your home?

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