The 7 Best Hanging Wall Mirrors for your Home!

7 Best Hanging Wall Mirrors for your Home

Mirrors are the perfect home decor element for so many reasons. They reflect light and tend to open up spaces, while also making rooms look better in general. And best of all, they aren't just for bathrooms or dressing rooms.  The right mirror can make all the difference in your home. Entry ways and foyers are a popular place to hang a wall mirror. Not only does it make an otherwise narrow or small space appear larger, but also provides function as well. It gives you one last glance at your gorgeous self as you walk out the door, making sure you look your best!

Last Updated: March 18, 2021

Think of a mirror as a piece of art. You can literally place a mirror in any room and in any home. The only thing to consider is where you intend to hang it. Is the space a large otherwise empty wall? Or are you adding it to your gallery wall? With this in mind, choose the size and shape that fits best. It's that simple!

1. This gorgeous Gold Trim Mirror works with any decor theme!

This Rectangle Mirror is the perfect size for your bathroom, bedroom, or entryway. The Golden Metal Frame is a hand brushed gold with round corners and an infinity design around the mirror. it's the perfect size to hang on its own, or you can add 2 or more side by side. This timeless and sophisticated mirror is hand curated to be an artistic, functional and, of course, stunning addition to any room in your home! By far, one of our favorites, so we've made it #1!

Gold Mirror 22 x 30

Also perfect for your bathroom, too!

Gold Mirror

2. Rustic Bohemian Round Hanging Wall Mirrors

Complete your bathroom in rustic Bohemian style with this set of 3 wall mirrors. Choose from 3 sizes or a set of all 3 to create your own mirror collage in any room in your home. The dark rustic frame lends itself perfectly to any boho themed space. But, it's not just for the boho/eclectic decor lovers! This mirror frame is rustic, modern, and classy so it meshes well with virtually any decor style!

Rustic Bohemian round mirror

Why choose a round shaped mirror? Since your rooms are typically square or rectangular in shape, and naturally made up of right angles and straight lines, the silhouette of a circle would be a welcomed addition above a desk or mantle, or your bathroom vanity. And of course, the bigger the piece the greater the impact. With that in mind, take a look at our some more of our faves!

3. This Modern Round Black Mirror is just the impact your home needs

Black round mirror
The slim black frame doesn't take away from the bathroom design in the pic above and contrasts beautifully with the white tiles and vanity! See what I mean about the shape? A square or rectangular mirror would work here also, but the round shape creates a much more appealing space. Don't you think?

4. Rectangle Window Pane Farmhouse Hanging Wall Mirror

This is one of our faves! Nothing says Farmhouse more than a window pane mirror!

Farmhouse window pane mirror

This mirror adds a touch of modern farmhouse to any space! And it fits in well with more modern decor themes as well!  Hang on the wall vertically or horizontally (whichever fits best in your space) or lean it against the wall...then smile, and check out that outfit! 

5. Sunburst anyone?

Modern Gold Sunburst Hanging Wall Mirror, 23"

This Modern Gold Sunburst Hanging Wall Mirror is the perfect size at 23" round! And the style is certainly trending.. and with good reason! Why not add some sunshine into your home? The detail in this mirror is beautiful and the gold color really POPS! It's a great accent piece for the bedroom, don't ya think? It turns an otherwise simply designed room into a space with a more modern & trendy twist!

6. Nordic Style Round Chain Hanging Mirror

Nordic round hanging wall mirror

A simple and modern design makes this mirror a perfect decorative piece that can be placed into any room of your house, supporting any style!  It works great hung above your vanity...and virtually anywhere you need a mid sized mirror.The gold chain adds a more contemporary vibe to an otherwise simple mirror.

7. Elegant Sunburst Hanging Wall Mirror

If you like the Sunburst Mirror above, you're sure to LOVE this one! This blinged out, upscale Sunburst is designed to add more flair and elegance to your space!

Elegant Sunburst hanging wall mirror

At 30 inches round, this mirror is a true piece of art! With over 100 mini mirrors and diamond gems perfectly placed throughout, the sun will surely shine it's light in your home with this piece! Available in Silver and Gold to compliment your decor!

And there you have it! The 7 Best Hanging Wall Mirrors for your Home. No matter your style preference, there's something for everyone in here!

Happy Home Styling!


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