The History of Farmhouse

What is the Farmhouse Background? Where did it originate? And where is it today?

Updated: November 23, 2020

The background of Farmhouse architecture originated in Europe, more specifically, in Germany and Scandinavia. Traditionally, farmhouses were nothing more than homes built on farm lands to house the people who owned or worked the land. The term Farmhouse wasn't as much considered a style, but, rather, a setting for a way of life. From Europe, it made its way to the farm lands of the US in the 1700s and, as time progressed, the 1930s brought about a new era for the American Farmhouse.

Back in the day, homes were not only a place to keep warm and dry. Everything in the home served a purpose. Farmhouses were made of wood because it was easy to come by and easy to work with. This saved the owner time and money, which was essential. Farmhouses would usually be found in the countryside with a river or other water source nearby for both convenience and necessity.

Today, when decorating in the classic farmhouse style, keeping true to it's roots, you will see rustic wood elements like an old paned window that's been refinished and distressed as a wall accent. It's a great idea especially if you want to add family photos to add a personal touch. For folks who want more than just a touch of that classic farmhouse style, you will likely see a shiplap wall, hung horizontally or vertically. After all, classic farmhouses did not have drywall. Adding shiplap introduces strong lines and adds a homey feel to your home, while staying true to this classic style. For a more modern, less rustic, farmhouse look, paint it white. And, of course, farmhouse style these days is also about the decor you choose to compliment your space. Check out some of our favorite farmhouse decor items to give you some ideas! These clocks will add just the right about farmhouse to your style!

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Farmhouses of the past had large front porches that stretched the entire length of the house. These porches were not only built as a decorative accent, but they served a valuable purpose. Wood for home heating and cooking was stored there. Porches were also a place to leave muddy boots after a days work on the farm. And, yes, after a hard days work, families would gather on the porch to relax. After all, farming is hard work and a little R & R was well deserved!

Nowadays, it's less about function and more about entertainment and aesthetics. Add a wooden bench to your front porch, or hang a lantern light fixture to enhance the farmhouse feel of your home's exterior. Another great lighting idea....incorporate some barn lighting. They have wonderful style. Gooseneck lamps and other barn-style lights bring the classic farmhouse look to your home, while being simple enough to tie in well with more modern designs.

The original farmhouses had large spacious kitchens due to the amount of work and gathering that happened there. Because of this, you would think farmhouse kitchens of the past would have lots of cabinetry covering the walls. You would be wrong! Instead, wood shelving was used as a means to store food and essentials.

In classic farmhouse kitchens of today, keeping true to its roots, you still see this lack of overhead cabinets, with wood shelving in its place. It adds a rustic touch and is a great way to display all your fabulous farmhouse decor! I mean, why would you want to hide it!?

In the past, ceilings were low and doorways were narrow, not like the more modern farmhouses we see today.

Today we see huge vaulted ceilings, often times with reclaimed, rustic wood beams which adds an element of age and history. It really makes a statement and adds lots of rustic charm to the home.

Look how far we've come!

We always look to history for inspiration in our everyday lives! Home decorating is no exception. Classic farmhouse has stood the test of time and has transformed into the more modern farmhouse style we see today.

Not sure which one better suits your style? Classic farmhouse mimics the traditional farmhouse style of the past, introducing natural wood accents, vintage furniture and accessories, and more traditional prints such as florals and paisley. The more modern farmhouse style that has become increasingly popular is less rustic and adds contemporary design elements. It takes the comfortable, relaxed farmhouse style, and adds modern touches such as neutral color palettes, smooth, clean lines, and metal accent pieces like cast iron arrows and perhaps even a touch of faux taxidermy. A well placed faux deer skull wall mount adds just the right amount of POP to any wall! Mix and match both metal decor and Faux Animal Head Wall Decor for the perfect look!
Deer skull faux taxidermy, modern farmhouse decor

Still need help decorating your home Farmhouse Style? Check out Introduction to Farmhouse. What is it?


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