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To Go Faux... or No?

Over the years, faux animal decor has become a popular trend in interior design. Folks love the idea of displaying beautiful creatures from nature, but don't always love, well, the "real thing"!  Enter Fake Taxidermy!

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Farmhouse Design Inspiration Sources

When it comes to designing our homes, we look to many different sources for vision.  Often times, we've just visited a friends home and we think, "Wow! I love that?!" and wonder how we can implement a similar style into our own home. Farmhouse decor is trending and there are so many different sources of information to help you get it right!

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The History of Farmhouse

Where did it originate? And where is it today? Farmhouse architecture originated in Europe, more specifically, in Germany and Scandinavia. Traditionally, farmhouses were nothing more than homes built on farm lands to house the people who owned or worked the land. The term Farmhouse wasn't as much considered a style, but, rather, a setting for a way of life.

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