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To Go Faux... or No?

To Go Faux... or No?

Over the years, faux taxidermy has become a popular trend in interior design. Folks love the idea of displaying beautiful creatures from nature, but don't always love, well, the "real thing"!

Enter Faux Taxidermy!

Beautiful sculptures made from materials like resin, metal, and even cardboard have taken the place of your grandfather's prized buck, antelope, or even bear. This decor is just as majestic as the real thing, but more modern and completely chic and animal-friendly.

Of course as with everything, some say Yay and others Nay (to Taxidermy)! Some folks might say it's  cruel and outdated to display dead animals on the walls of your home and that faux taxidermy items like heads and skulls shows an appreciation for the beauty of nature. They add that rustic farmhouse or "nature" vibe that so many love. And the fact that it is they are Animal Friendly is a HUGE bonus!  Others will proudly display their "trophy" of a past hunting experience that they want to treasure.

Whichever side you are on... after you see the beautiful detail in these pieces, you will understand why Faux Taxidermy decor is making their way into homes across the country!

white gold longhorn cow skull

Take this Longhorn Cow Skull for instance...

It adds the perfect amount of POP to your gallery wall.

The detail is incredible and will make a definite statement! It turns an otherwise flat wall into an eye catching 3D focal point!

Any Faux Taxidermy piece will create that same affect.. so if Longhorn skulls aren't your thing.... pick one! If the animal exists in nature, there is likely a Faux version for you to enjoy!

Longhorn Cow Skull

Whether you group several together as a dramatic gallery or hang just one as a  focal point, faux taxidermy will surely turn heads!

  Try creating a collage with large and mini sizes in different colors to compliment the rest of your home decor!

Another fun piece is the Deer Head. It features the dignified gaze of the elegant white-tailed deer. The natural detail in this piece is stunning and is a great way to bring nature into your home in a chic and animal-friendly way! Great for kids rooms and nurseries, as well as a living or dining room accent piece.

mini deer head wall decor

 Decor Tip: Pair some rustic elegance with your Faux Taxidermy elements! Cast Iron Arrows make a great addition! Just the right amount of rustic to go with your Animal pal!

  We have also seen a HUGE growth trend with Faux Taxidermy decor being added to baby nurseries or kids rooms! Face it... you all know people that have decorated their little ones nursery with baby animals! Mini faux taxidermy pieces are the perfect addition to that decor! Some folks opt for ceramic/resin material over stuffed animal wall mounts due to allergens and cleanliness. But that's completely up to you!
From mini elephants, bears, deer...or even giraffes... the possibilities are endless!! Add a piece of nature to your baby's room for a fun and playful statement! And as baby grows, you're little kids will love it for years to come!



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Add some magic to your kids room

Affordable Kids Room Decorating Ideas

Decorating your Kids Room can be challenging. You want it to be a place that your little one loves and wants to spend time in. Add some MAGIC! Whether it's a baby Nursery, big Kid makeover or Playroom overhaul.... adding some creative whimsy is never a bad idea! BUT... you also need to be sure it is a practical space for play, storage, and school work. And, of course, the added stresser of designing it so that it will adapt as your child grows! After all, you don't want a major renovation every few years as your child matures.

Here are some decor ideas for boys and girls alike!

Create a Mini Art Gallery Wall

Display your kids fave art pieces, or select paintings or pics of your kids with their friends or family! Walls adorned with gallery-style wall decor adds an element of "art" and creates a focus in the room. Choose color frames of all sizes and colors that help compliment the color scheme in the room!

A great accent to your Kids Gallery wall is the finishing touch!

The Jurassic faux T. Rex Head (left) allows your childs imagination to run wild as they go back 66-68 million years ago to the Jurassic and Mesozoic eras! Your child will RAWWRRRR over this realistic looking dinosaur! 

Or... Do you have a Shark Lover on your hands?

Check out this magnificent Shark wall decor! (right) Notice the wallpaper... easily grows with your child! The accents of black and gold add a level of sophistication to the space!

Photo courtesy of @shabbydesertnest

How about a Magical, Whimsical Unicorn for your little girl!?  This Unicorn (right) wall mount is the perfect addition to any Unicorn lovers bedroom or playroom! Your little girl will enjoy the magical, hand crafted detail of this mythical creature for years to come!

Perfect for a nursery too!

All of these tips (above) can easily be phased-up to more mature decor as your child grows! Swap out the pictures on your Gallery wall with updated kids art, photos, etc... and repaint or add new, more mature picture frames. Your child's Wall Charmer can easily be incorporated into a tween/teen bedroom with a few simple changes.

Try framing a small space on the wall, and hanging it as a centerpiece above your child's bed! The shelves that were once home to brightly colored toy bins can be replaced with wicker or even metal baskets to bring a mature, more sophisticated vibe to your child's room. And of course, add some other accent pieces like dried flowers, and colorful accent pillows and throws for a space that  she, and all her friends, will love to hang out in!

Organization and Functionality is a MUST!

To help your kids stay organized, keep things at their height. Coat racks, closet storage and benches will all be used more often (Maybe. Let's be realistic... they are kids!)  if they are within reach.  And when adding storage baskets or bins, choose a FUN color so they look more like decor and less like a place to stow away toys and art supplies.  Oh, speaking of art... Here's a fun idea....

Paint a section of your child's wall with chalkboard paint for hours and hours of drawing fun! As a kid they will love it... and as a tween/teen... it becomes a space to write inspiration quotes, homework assignments, phone numbers... and more!

Choose Wall Colors Wisely

At age 5, your little girl is all about everything pink and purple and sparkly! But that could, and likely WILL, change in the coming years. So, rather than going all out Princess on her walls... choose a more subtle tone and accentuate  with colorful decor accents. Choose white, or a pale lavender for the wall color and add POPS of bright Pink, Purple and Sparkle in your design elements. Add a brightly colored comforter and some wall decals of her favorite princess or a FUN whimsical painting to tie it all in. As she grows, these things are so much easier to remove and swap out for decor that better aligns with her taste. Cast Iron Arrows and Anchors are a great rustic touch for an older kids room.
The same goes for boys... choose a softer blue, green or even gray wall color. These are neutral colors that can be transformed easily into a space fit for a teenage boy! And patterned wallpaper is always a good choice to add some depth to the space.

Some other Decor Accents that are a BIG hit!

Add a touch of Gothic/Medieval to our older child's room. You don't want to go too dark/Goth... just a touch adds  some sophistication and class to the space!

Human Skull

This realistic, life-size Human Skull is a great addition! An ideal study buddy placed on your child's desk! Skeleton Key

Compliment this piece with some metal wall decor, like a Skeleton Key!



Or how about a Dragon?

An ode to the Game of Thrones and Dungeons & Dragons, this Dragon Head is a sculpture that symbolizes one of the most popular mythical creatures of our time!

And the detail in this piece is incredible!!!! Check out the piercing red eyes!!!!

The Perfect addition to your Dragon lovers room!!

Redecorating your Kids room into a fun and functional space that transitions into a space fit for a tween or teen can be easy and affordable!  Just swap out the "baby" stuff with add some "grown up" accessories and...viola!!

Check out this Nods to Nature and ‘Star Wars’ in 2 Boys’ Bedrooms and Bath
decor! (click the link to see more pics) Amazing! The perfect compromise when your 2 boys share a room and have different interests!

 “We tried to capture those elements [the boys interests] and then put a spin on it that could grow with them...So it wouldn’t be a room that felt young to them in, say, five years or so.”

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It's amost Springtime! Give your home a Fresh, Spring Makeover!!

It's amost Springtime! Give your home a Fresh, Spring Makeover!!

Spring is almost here! The time for chirping birds... beautiful flowers... warmer weather... and.. of course...

A New Spring Look!!

To celebrate the end of this cold winter.... we are welcoming Spring with some fresh decorating ideas to help brighten up your home! From pastel color palettes and floral accents to fresh patterns and a few new farmhouse decor accent pieces you can easily add that fresh Spring feel to your home!

You can go all out...or just change out a few decor items for a more subtle change.

Sometimes all you need is a touch of the outdoors and a Pop of color to make all the difference. The simplest farmhouse vase is an old mason jar! Paint it a pastel color like mint, pink, yellow or blue. or leave it... it's your choice! Then pick a bunch of your favorite flowers and viola!!

Fun Tip: Put a few drops of food coloring in the water, then cut the stems and insert some white carnations or any other white flowers of your choice. The flowers will absorb the colored water and will turn color! Super simple & easy!!!

Allergic to flowers? No worries.... in place of real flowers fill your mason jar with silk flowers, potpourri.... or even jellybeans!...yes.... jellybeans! Super colorful and Easter-ish. But definitely keep that jar up high, away from the little fingers of the kiddos. Nothing spells disaster like a kid on a sugar high!

Another Tip... Mason jars make excellent Candle holders!!

Silk orchids are always a nice touch to brighten up your mantle! And when paired with the perfect metal wall decor it, adds a delicate contrast.

Bring the Outdoors In.

Switching out your table centerpieces is an easy way to make a subtle change for the season. For Spring..try the Organic look. A wooden box is a great for planting some grasses or low growing flowers, or use it in your kitchen to keep your favorite herbs handy for cooking! A galvanized metal bucket for use as a vase or flowerpot adds a definite farmhouse feel!

Fun with Fabrics.

Give a neutral room a fresh update with a mix of floral patterned fabrics. Spring is the perfect time to replace those old curtains and drapes. Try a new pattern, or... if you aren't a fan of patterned fabrics, simply update to a more Spring-y color!

This season, there are some amazing floral prints hitting he shelves that are a must have for the perfect Spring look! Go bold or's your choice! And don't be afraid to mix and match patterns... as long as use colors within the same palette you'll nail it!

Find this modern, floral pillow (right) at Wayfair.

To go along with your florals.... bring more of the outside in with leaf prints. Create an accent wall with a leaf print wallpaper if you are going all in on this makeover... or add a subtle leaf pattern to your gallery wall with a stencil. To complete the look, your accessories should either be among the same color palette... or find some awesome throw pillows with a leaf print fabric. Fern prints are always a hit!! But be careful not to overdo it... it's easy to go from chic to tacky... with just one printed fabric too many!


Time for a Color-lift?

Say goodbye to dark, deep tones... Let the Sunshine in with soft pastel shades.. or even neutral shades of white! Whether it's just one room or many, freshening up your walls is sure to bring some of Springtime indoors!

Mint green is a great choice... it's making a comeback and is a very calm, modern tone. It pairs beautifully with natural wood accents as well as metals!

And don’t overlook lavender. Lavender is a classy, neutral color that works beautifully with a wide array of other colors. Great for bedrooms! Pair it with other pastels or neutrals like gray, ivory, and white for a soft look.

A few GREAT wall accent ideas to go with your Fresh, Spring color palette...

Cast Iron Wall Decor! Helps to break up the "pretty" but adding an element of rustic. It compliments the pastel colors beautifully. Try some Cast Iron Arrows, Single or 3-Set Arrows... or maybe a Rustic Wall Anchor. A great way to fill in blank space on a gallery wall or just to give your wall a bit of dimension.

Another fun find....

Skeleton Keys are a big hit!

A great addition to any farmhouse decor but also lends a hint of old world with a subtle Gothic or Medieval vibe.

A  fun decorative accent for any bedroom or office!

Available in Rustic Bronze or Gold, these keys will add a nice touch to your makeover!

 Faux Taxidermy... adds an additional element of the outdoors to your home while  creating a fun, eye catching focus to your decor!

From the dignified gaze of the elegant white-tailed deer in our Virginia Deer Head Wall Mounts....

... to the rugged, Southwest vibe of our Longhorn Cow Skulls...

Our Faux taxidermy collection is A Fusion of Nature and Decor and hand finished in Sunny Arizona for a piece as unique as you are!

I love this Spring blue wall color paired with the fresh white wicker baskets! (right) The perfect farmhouse touch. And the Faux Taxidermy Virginia Deer Head wall decor adds an element of POP to this bathroom!

Rustic Wall Shelves are a great way to display a vase of beautiful flowers, memorable pieces, or even paintings and family portraits.  Find a great ledge shelf that works in your space and hang it on your gallery wall or anywhere you want to add some focus.

Add some Time!!  Why not add a new rustic farmhouse clock to the mix? With so many great new styles, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your space.

With all these great Spring Decor ideas...
"It's gonna be a Bright, Bright Sunshiny day!" in your home!

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BIG Ideas for Decorating a Small Space

BIG Ideas for Decorating a Small Space

Small-space decorating can be a challenge, but we can help you make the most of the square footage you have. Learn how to maximize and decorate small spaces with these tips.

Silver Skeleton Key Wall Decor

Keep the Floor Clear

You need space for the essentials, but even the most perfectly decorated small space doesn’t work if you can’t walk in it. Try floating shelves and nightstands, to keep the floor clear and create space for extra storage beneath if needed. Opt for sconces and wall lights rather than floor lamps.

Go for Folding Pieces

Yeah, sure, you need a desk and a dining table... but do you need them 24/7? You’ll free up floor space and avoid the clutter that gathers on them if you choose a folding desk or table. If you have a one-wall kitchen, folding doors can conceal clutter when not in use.
White + Gold Mini Elelphant Wall Decor

Focus on Lighting

Small spaces can often end up seeming dark due to lack of windows. Make up for the lack of natural light by adding plenty of light sources in every room, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Combine ceiling fixtures—either a pretty pendant or elegant flush mount, depending on your ceiling height—with sconces or table lamps for a cozy and bright atmosphere.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

If you’re not blessed with an abundance of natural light, mirrors can help reflect the light you do have around the room creating the illusion of a larger space. Try lining a wall with a large mirror or creating a gallery wall of different sizes and shapes.

Choose the Right Rug

A rug is the one item you definitely don’t want to skimp on as far as size goes. A rug that it too small will make the feel equally small. Choose a rug that’s large enough so most of the furniture will sit on it.

Keep It Cohesive

There are only so many things to look at in a small space, so make sure they all fit. Stick to a limited color palette, whether it’s light and airy or dark and dramatic.

White Mini Deer Wall Decor

Find Functional Pieces

Make the most of your space by choosing furniture that also doubles as storage. Opt for a bed with built-in drawers or benches and ottomans with space to store away extra blankets or sweaters. A daybed can serve as both a sofa and a guest bed.
Large Black Wolf Wall Decor

No need for Miniature Furniture - Size it up!

There’s no need to use pint-size furniture and decor in a small space. You can use regular-size furniture and large-scale art; you’ll just need to use fewer pieces in the room overall. Be sure to choose a few eye catching statement pieces.

Some decor items for your small space design!

3 set arrows for farmhouse design


Distressed Bronze 3 Set Arrows

Arrows in home decor may have started out as a trend. But this geometric decoration has gone from trendy shape to timeless icon. Our cast iron 3 set arrows are the perfect Farmhouse touch to add to your decor!


Longhorn Skull







White + Gold Mini Longhorn Skull

Our Longhorn Cow Skull makes a great addition to any wall! This wall mount brings the rugged west and rustic southwest into your home and is a great conversation piece!


Gold Antler Hooks


Gold Antler Rack

Need a chic, rustic option for hanging your scarves, jewelry or light jackets? Our Rustic Antler Rack is the perfect addition to any decor. Available in white, gold, or bronze!Antler Hooks Wall Rack






Longhorn Skull

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