To Go Faux... or No?

To Go Faux... or No?

Over the years, faux taxidermy has become a popular trend in interior design. Folks love the idea of displaying beautiful creatures from nature, but don't always love, well, the "real thing"!

Enter Faux Taxidermy!

Beautiful sculptures made from materials like resin, metal, and even cardboard have taken the place of your grandfather's prized buck, antelope, or even bear. This decor is just as majestic as the real thing, but more modern and completely chic and animal-friendly.

Of course as with everything, some say Yay and others Nay (to Taxidermy)! Some folks might say it's  cruel and outdated to display dead animals on the walls of your home and that faux taxidermy items like heads and skulls shows an appreciation for the beauty of nature. They add that rustic farmhouse or "nature" vibe that so many love. And the fact that it is they are Animal Friendly is a HUGE bonus!  Others will proudly display their "trophy" of a past hunting experience that they want to treasure.

Whichever side you are on... after you see the beautiful detail in these pieces, you will understand why Faux Taxidermy decor is making their way into homes across the country!

white gold longhorn cow skull

Take this Longhorn Cow Skull for instance...

It adds the perfect amount of POP to your gallery wall.

The detail is incredible and will make a definite statement! It turns an otherwise flat wall into an eye catching 3D focal point!

Any Faux Taxidermy piece will create that same affect.. so if Longhorn skulls aren't your thing.... pick one! If the animal exists in nature, there is likely a Faux version for you to enjoy!

Longhorn Cow Skull

Whether you group several together as a dramatic gallery or hang just one as a  focal point, faux taxidermy will surely turn heads!

  Try creating a collage with large and mini sizes in different colors to compliment the rest of your home decor!

Another fun piece is the Deer Head. It features the dignified gaze of the elegant white-tailed deer. The natural detail in this piece is stunning and is a great way to bring nature into your home in a chic and animal-friendly way! Great for kids rooms and nurseries, as well as a living or dining room accent piece.

mini deer head wall decor

 Decor Tip: Pair some rustic elegance with your Faux Taxidermy elements! Cast Iron Arrows make a great addition! Just the right amount of rustic to go with your Animal pal!

  We have also seen a HUGE growth trend with Faux Taxidermy decor being added to baby nurseries or kids rooms! Face it... you all know people that have decorated their little ones nursery with baby animals! Mini faux taxidermy pieces are the perfect addition to that decor! Some folks opt for ceramic/resin material over stuffed animal wall mounts due to allergens and cleanliness. But that's completely up to you!
From mini elephants, bears, deer...or even giraffes... the possibilities are endless!! Add a piece of nature to your baby's room for a fun and playful statement! And as baby grows, you're little kids will love it for years to come!



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Medieval Home Decor Tips

Medieval Home Decor Tips

Who doesn't love castles? There’s something majestic about them that lures out both the suppressed romantic and the inner warrior. Given that most of us can’t afford a castle (that would be amazing!!!)... how can we capture even a hint of the alluring qualities of a castle?

Medieval, Gothic home decor items are trending and are a great way to add a touch of rustic elegance to your home.

This unique style is ultimately about making a rich statement. Whether bold, or subtle...

Gothic or Medieval interior decor is all about elegance and drama.

Choose Rich, Deep Colors
When you are choosing a palatial theme like Medieval, then you can pick rich colors like red, green, brown and gold in deeper tones. The most common are burgundy, dark green, and gold. Mix it up a bit too... try adding a burgundy accent wall with gold on the other walls. If you don’t want such bold colors on your walls, use them in your furniture, rugs, or accents instead. Add a softer, more neutral tone to your walls.

Switch to Fancy Flooring
Instead of keeping it simple and regular, look  for designer tiles or fancy stones.  And... keep them bare. When you picture a castle, you don’t see wall-to-wall carpeting. Castles had bare floors, usually made of stone. Also, hardwood is also an affordable option.

Design Options for Walls
Medieval theme has all the elements that can impress your guests the moment they enter your facility. Not only the flooring and ceilings, but the walls of your house should also be addressed while redecorating. Instead of keeping them plain and sober, you should choose interesting design options for walls. Some ideas to consider are dragons, gargoyles, and human skulls.
Dragon head

Fireplace as Focus Point
When it comes to medieval interior designing theme, a fireplace is always the best choice for focal point. Opting for a vintage style fireplace makes a great statement!

Invest in Wooden Furnishings
For affordable, yet stylish furnishing options, invest in wooden furniture in dark finishes. Instead of spending money in glass tables, you can buy a wooden table made of oak or lumber with a touch of medieval period.

Natural Lighting and Wall Sconces
Make sure that you let the natural light enter the house. In addition, you must have wall sconces. Wall sconces give you the mystery and charm of a true castle. As a more subtle approach,  you can use stylish lamps and small ceiling lights to create the drama of the medieval period in your house.

Check out this great Wrought Iron candle holder wall accent! It's perfect! The scroll pattern...the color... Everything about it screams medieval elegance!
Available on Wayfair

Choose Vintage Style Curtains & Accessories
In order to give a medieval look to your home, choose the right accessories... and long, flowing, drapey curtains. Properly castled window treatments coverings will puddle on the floor. 

An easy Castle themed element for the kitchen.... Copper pots!!  Nothing says "medieval castle" like copper pots hung in your kitchen! If you aren't into the full hanging pot look, just add a few copper touches in your kitchen.

Some great accent ideas!


Wall Charmers Skeleton KeySkeleton Keys add the perfect touch of Medieval drama to your home!

Handmade with Incredible Detail

Hand finished CAST IRON

Available in Rustic Bronze & Gold.



Human SkullHow about this Human Skull as a study buddy on your desk? or a great shelf accent?

Human Skulls make great accent pieces to give your home that medieval, gothic look.

I mentioned adding a Dragon Head as a decorative accent... Check this one out!
An ode to the Game of Thrones and Dungeons & Dragons, this Dragon Head symbolizes one of the most popular mythical creatures of our time!

And the detail in this piece is incredible!!!! Check out the piercing red eyes!!!!

Enjoy your "Castle"!

Happy Decorating!

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