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Design Tips for the Perfect Gallery Wall!

Design Tips for the Perfect Gallery Wall!

Whether you have just a few pieces you would like to display, or an entire wall or hallway of family photos, creating the perfect gallery wall can be easy and cost effective. Check out some great ideas below for achieving the perfect look for your space!

1. Start with the art

To create the appearance that your gallery wall was assembled over time, combine new and vintage prints and paintings. Visit our local flea market for some great finds! For a more modern look, choose artwork that is all within the same color palette, or choose pieces that are the same size that are from a single collection or have the same theme.

2. Tie it all in Together

Keep your frames consistent and get them all in the same color. Add a few light-color wood frames to mix it up a bit if you are going for an eclectic look.

3. Plan Ahead

Before hanging anything, lay your framed art on the floor, and rearrange to best fit your space. Be sure to take a pic of the final arrangement to refer to when hanging the art on the wall.

5: Hang frames with uniform spacing

Leave the same amount of space between frames so that the installation doesn’t appear messy. 2 inches is always a good starting point. Too much space or uneven space between frames can make the arrangement look unprofessional.

6. Work from the bottom up

Hang a bottom piece first. If you’re creating a gallery above the sofa, start about 6 inches above the back edge. Building from the lowest row allows you to expand your gallery wall up and out without running out of space.

Check out this great article for more tips!

Some other great design tips:

Choose paintings in black and white as your main focal point, and add elements of color to add a POP to your Gallery Wall!

3D art
is a great way to add some interest to a space in your home or create a focal point. It can be mixed in with more traditional 2-D art pieces or featured all on its own, it's all up to your personal preference. Try adding in some items made of metal to add a bit of industrial flair.

Faux taxidermy wall mounts
add depth to your otherwise flat wall. Try adding a faux antelope, elephant, or deer for a 3D focal point that will surely make a statement!

Do you have a HUGE empty wall you'd like to fill? Oversized artwork can be costly and hard to find. Try adding some framed wallpaper to the space! It's easy, less costly, and can add texture to an otherwise blank space. You can hang 1 piece, or several either vertically or horizontally, and then create a frame around it with painted wooden trim from the hardware store. Read more.

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January 29, 2019 by Lance Robinson
Top 5 Easy Modern Farmhouse Tips to Transform Your Home <br>(Without Breaking the Bank)

Top 5 Easy Modern Farmhouse Tips to Transform Your Home
(Without Breaking the Bank)

Modern Farmhouse decor takes the comfortable, relaxed farmhouse style of the past, and adds modern touches and accents. It's less rustic, more sophisticated and uses contemporary design elements like stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and sleek lighting.

With a few simple additions, can transform your home dramatically!

Be practical: Furnishings and accessories should be comfortable and practical and welcoming when you enter the room. The room should look like it evolved over time.

Be neutral: Your color palette should be neutral and make the room appear fresh and open. Consider cool or warm neutrals such as cream, beige, silver and gray balance natural elements. Keep patterns simple and contemporary and add a variety of textures. This will add depth to the neutral color scheme.

Mix and match: Mix and match furniture, incorporating vintage for it's character, and new for added comfort and style.

Be natural: Stick to natural materials as much as possible. Continue in the tradition of classic farmhouse by introducing distressed wood in architectural features or furniture, but also use natural elements, such as cotton, rattan and wicker, and, of course, natural stone.

Minimal is best: You want to create a cozy, un-cluttered, room, so accessorize... but keep it to a minimum.

Read more about Classic vs. Modern Farmhouse decor to achieve the perfect look for your home!

Some other ideas! ...

Incorporate Metal Decor

Nothing personifies farmhouse style like wood furniture, but be all-natural wood interior can easily become overwhelming and transform your decor to more of an Arts and Crafts vibe. So, in addition to your wood decor, add some contemporary touches like metal wall hangings or decor... or hang light fixtures made of steel or iron. This will draw the eye upward without overpowering a neutral color scheme.

Animal Wall Art

Walls adorned with animal art, whether it be paintings or wall mounted animal heads or skulls, will take you back to the natural beauty of farmhouse living. A great way to add some dimension and flair to your gallery wall or even your bedroom! It makes a great conversation piece and is a simple, cost effective way to add a touch of modern farmhouse decor to your home!

Open Slat Designs

Combining form and function, slat back chairs and other open-concept furniture designs are the most symbolic of the modern farmhouse style.


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Wall Charmers Skeleton Keys, cast iron wall decor, medieval wall decor

Give your home a Medieval makeover!

Medieval, Gothic home decor items are trending and are a great way to add a touch of rustic elegance to your home.

You don't have to go full on Goth, unless of course you want to, but adding a small touch of medieval decor goes a long way.

Gothic or Medieval interior decor is all about elegance and drama. This unique style is ultimately about making a rich statement.

For lavish interiors, embrace high-end furniture and fabrics, and plenty of other decorative accents. While trying to create a modern Gothic living room, pay attention to the intrinsic taste and the fine styling options for flooring and ceiling that is reminiscent of that century. Add some cushy rugs in deep tones for a cozier feel.

Here are some Decorating Tips to create the drama of the Medieval period in your home!

Choose Rich, Deep Colors
When you are choosing a palatial theme like Medieval, then you can pick rich colors like red, green, brown and gold in deeper tones. You may not want to choose these tones for the smaller rooms of your house. In that case, you can consider lighter shades like dusky pink, deep cream, sea blue and rusts.

Switch to Fancy Flooring
Instead of keeping it simple and regular, look  for designer tiles or fancy stones. Also, hardwood is also an affordable option.

Pick Design Options for Walls
Medieval theme has all the elements that can impress your guests the moment they enter your facility. Not only the floorings and ceilings, but the walls of your house should also be addressed while redecorating. Instead of keeping them plain and sober, you should choose interesting design options for walls. Some ideas to consider are dragons, gargoyles, and human skulls.

Set Fireplace as Focus
When it comes to medieval interior designing theme, a fireplace is always the best choice for focal point. Opting for a vintage style fireplace makes a great statement!

Invest in Wooden Furnishings
For affordable, yet stylish furnishing options, invest in wooden furniture in dark finishes. Instead of spending money in glass tables, you can buy a wooden table made of oak or lumber with a touch of medieval period.

Keep the Lighting System As Natural As Possible
Make sure that you let the natural light enter the house. In addition, you can use stylish lamps and small ceiling lights to create the drama of the medieval period in your house.

Choose Vintage Style Curtains & Accessories
In order to give a medieval look to your house, choose curtains and decorative accessories in vintage style.

Read More

For more information about adding gothic touches to your home, whether subtle or dramatic, check out this great article!


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Gifts Boys are Gonna LOVE This Holiday Season

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5 Crazy Facts About Antelope

5 Crazy Facts About Antelope

But first a Joke - What did the lion call the antelope?
...Fast food! :-)

No more joking around, below are 5 Crazy Antelope Facts:

1) There are 91 different species of antelope! WOW!
2) Almost all antelope are social animals, living in herds.

3) Antelope have very well developed senses, which help them detect predators from long distances. This, coupled with their speed, gives them plenty of time to escape from even some of the fastest predators.

4) Antelope are smart! 🤓 They follow the rains to find tender grasses. They also often follow zebras because they eat the tougher, outer grass leaving the soft, tender grass for the antelope.

5) Antelopes vary in size and shape. Big antelopes, like the Eland, are 6 foot tall and can weigh up to 1450 pounds, while the small antelopes, like the Royal, are about 10 to 12 inches in height.

Are you an antelope lover? Why not display this beauty in your home! This wall mount is a fashionable way to bring an exotic yet modern touch to your walls, straight from the African Sahara! Your antelope head is painted with stunning (life-like) details, available in a variety of sizes, and you can customize it with over 22+ color combinations!

Introducing... The Mini Luna Unicorn!

Introducing... The Mini Luna Unicorn!

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November 19, 2018 by Lance Robinson
5 Crazy Fact About Cows

5 Crazy Fact About Cows

But first a Joke - Why do cows wear bells? .... Because their horns don't work! :-)

No more joking around, here are 5 Crazy Cow Facts:

1) Cows have an excellent sense of smell and can detect odors up to six miles away!
2) Cows have almost 300 degrees of vision, with blind spots only right in front of and behind them.

3) Cows spend 10 to 12 hours a day lying down. LAZY!! But.... they only sleep an average of about 4 hours a day.

4) Just like dogs, cows enjoy a good rubdown, whether on the head, neck or back. Well, who doesn't?

5) Cows are very social and don’t like to be alone.

Our cow heads and skulls are sure to make a statement in your home! Charm your walls with one of our many cow Wall Charmers! Choose from our Carved Longhorn Cow Skull, the Longhorn Cow Head, the Longhorn Cow Skull, and the Carved Cow Skull. Your cow head or skull is painted with stunning (life-like) details, available in a variety of sizes, and you can customize it with over 22+ color combinations!

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5 Crazy Facts About Lions

5 Crazy Facts About Lions

But first a Joke - Why wasn’t the lion honest? .... Because then he wouldn’t be a lyin’ anymore! :-)

No more joking around, here are 5 Crazy Lion Facts:
1) The roar of a lion can be heard from 5 miles away! Now that's loud!
2) Did you know? ... Lions (male and female) are afraid of large mammals like giraffes, hippos and elephants!

3) Lions need an average of 6 kg of food or more a day. That's over 13 lbs of food a day! Imagine that grocery bill?

4) Male lions defend the pride's territory while females do most of the hunting. Yes, that's right! The WOMEN!! :-)

5) Lions are the most social of all big cats and live together in groups or “prides.”
Mini Gold LionLarge Black LionMini White Lion
Are you the courageous, social one in your pride? Show it off with your very own Lion Head wall sculpture! This wall mount piece captures the beauty of the intimidating African Lion. Your lion head is painted with stunning (life-like) details, available in a variety of sizes, and you can customize it with over 22+ color combinations!
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